Has the security door of your house been locked? Has panic taken over? Don’t know how to solve this huge problem? Do not worry and make yourself comfortable, today I will show you how to solve your dilemma, taking as a reference some suggestions given by the front door locks.

Entrance door blocked

The front door is the main access route to your home and, if it were to get blocked, this would involve a great problem as well as a great risk. This forces people not to be able to leave their homes until the situation is resolved. But what to do if, after several calls, the technician does not answer? Or maybe the problem arose on a public holiday or weekday and no one can come to your rescue?

The temporary solution is the do-it-yourself, to delay and get to the next working day without too many hitches. So let’s see how to intervene without worsening the situation.

Establish the reason for the block

First, we should understand what the problem of the block is. The lock that no longer clicks? The foreign body inside the hinges? Once you understand the problem it is important not to force the situation. In the case of obstructing objects in the hinges, forcefully pushing the door could cause a definitive break, worsening the situation. Similarly, in the case of a blocked lock, forcing the key into the lock could break the key itself, leaving a part of it inside the lock. Solving the problem, then, would become an impossible job with do-it-yourself.

Keep in mind that calm is the virtue of the strong, and in this case, it will help you in the enterprise. Do not use substances or objects that could make things worse. Olive oil (I know you thought about it!), Could mix with the dust and cause more damage than you thought.

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How to solve the problem

The solutions for unlocking the entrance door are many and vary depending on the problem. In the case of blocked gears, it is possible to use descaling sprays or oils for hinges and locks. The product will be applied directly inside the locked gear in order to unlock the situation.

Another useful product for unlocking the entrance door is graphite powder. With the use of this product, your goal will be to lubricate the gears and make the mechanism slide better. These remedies will not work if the key is broken in the lock. In this case, the only way to solve the problem is to extract the broken part of the key left inside the keyhole. You could, therefore, resort to tweezers (those for removing unwanted hair in your bathroom are also fine!), But you will have to point to the sheet where the piece of key is inserted. In the case of a security door, however, the situation becomes more complicated. If you had a magnet close at hand, you could try your luck by sharpening the tip and inserting it inside the lock, in order to slowly attract it outwards.

These do-it-yourself solutions are ways to take time and run for cover, in order to wait for the intervention of an expert technician. Keep in mind that you could make the situation worse by applying products or inserting foreign bodies into the gears, so be very careful not to mess the situation up. The risk is that of having to replace expensive parts which, on the contrary, would not be necessary. If possible, it is always useful to be guided step-by-step in the operations by being on the phone with the technician.


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