Do you want to spy on windows? Well enough! Do you know what it takes to get the job done? You need to have the best undetectable windows spy app. Now the question arises, why do you want to have it? Laptops and desktop PCs are everywhere these days, and people want to spy on computing devices for many legitimate reasons.

Parents want to do surveillance on kids’ online and offline activity on PCs connected to cyberspace. Employers are the ones that want to keep tabs on employees’ activities on business on desktops. Don’t scratch your head anymore; we are here to guide you about the spy app for PCs that remains hidden and undetectable.

Windows spy app in a nutshell

It is one of the best spy apps for windows that is hidden and works stealthily. You can install it on your target PC, and get access to the activities and log them to have time-to-time info. It requires physical access to the target laptop device to initiate the installation process.

Without physical access to the target device, you cannot install windows spy app. The application has dozens of windows spy tools that provide you with regular updates via an online dashboard. You can secretly track and monitor windows PCs without them knowing.

Users can spy on a PC screen, keystrokes, and listen to the surroundings of the windows by taking over the target laptop microphone. Let’s get to know who wants to spy on laptops.

Who wants to spy on PCs?

There are plenty of people out there that want to monitor and track computing devices. Parents and employers are more likely to spy on Windows laptops and desktop devices. Parents want to do surveillance on kids’ online and offline activities to protect them from online predators.

They also want to prevent kids from visiting inappropriate websites using windows spy powerful and advanced tools. You can track your kid’s location and monitor verbal and non-verbal communication on installed social networks on PCs.

Employers want to monitor windows PCs provided to employees to measure productivity and prevent them from time-wasting activities. You can also protect your business trade secrets from disgruntled employees.

Windows spy enables employers to hack the front camera of the target device to know what your employee is doing during working hours.  You can get to know what your workforce is doing using screenshots to document every single activity.

Top Features of windows monitoring solution

Here are the following features that you can use to spy on Windows laptops and desktop devices. Let’s discuss them one by one.


Users can capture screenshots on the target device to know what their kids or employees are doing on PCs. You can schedule multiple screenshots at once with the online web control panel.

Screen recording

Users can record the live screen of PCs with screen recorder software. It empowers you to monitor and record live series of videos using an online dashboard. Users can capture live videos to know what is happening on the target device screen in real-time.

Keystrokes logging

Keystrokes logger provides you access to the passwords, messenger, email, and chat conversation keystrokes. You can view web searches keystrokes and visited website keypad strikes.

On-demand screenshots

It can capture on-demand screenshots when a user is in desperate need of capturing screenshots using the web control panel.

Activity Logs

You can watch activity logs of the target PC and get to know what your target device user is doing in terms of browsing activities, social media networks, and many other activity logs.

Windows tracking location

Users can track the live location of the target pc using the windows tracking location tool. The application can track the instant and live location like location history and GPS location with the schedule.

View installed apps

PC spy application allows you to view installed applications. You will get the complete list of those apps active and downloaded.

Block websites 

Users can block inappropriate websites by using URLs of the websites into the filters using a windows spy app.

Read Emails

Email monitoring software is the best tool for users to monitor and track PCs, and you can read emails sent and received.

Surround recording:

It is one of the best tools of best windows spy app that empowers you to listen to and record the voice conversations and you can record surrounding sounds, and voices. It is beneficial for both parents, and employers. Parents can hack microphone of the target laptop windows PC and record surround, and secret conversations of teens. Employers can listen to and record secret and hidden conversations of employees and stay updated during working hours.


TheOneSpy  windows spy app is the best tool for parents and employers to spy on every possible activity within no time.


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