Travelling with the family is an opportunity to experience a moment of sharing. But going in a motorhome adds little extra unforgettable memory because it is no ordinary trip.

And with children, even young ones, it is quite possible.

However, a certain organization is necessary, so that everything goes as well as possible, in complete safety, and that the holidays are successful.

Here are our 10 tips from experienced and enlightened motorhome operators to do this.

1. Plan your steps in advance, and with the help of your children

Since you have opted for friendly travel and sharing, what could be better than letting your children participate in the choice of stages? Print a map, trace the path with them. They will be involved in the preparation and will recognize each step one after the other.

What a joy also for them to anticipate certain activities by looking forward to the program! It gives them projection and a lot of enthusiasm.

2. Choose the places where you will spend the night

This step is essential. Especially if you are going during a season favoured by vacationers. Several options are available to you, which you can quite alternate in order to live different experiences.

Sometimes you can sleep on a campsite, with all the necessary equipment nearby, or in a parking lot. You will find everything you need for changing and refilling them.

Why not wild camping? For this alternative, list well in advance with your children the material necessary for a night without worries.

Finally, the experience of sleeping with the locals is very enriching. It allows for beautiful exchanges, beautiful encounters. Internet sites are at your disposal in order to know the inhabitants who can receive you.

3. Provide suitable equipment for the youngest

We have experienced this on numerous occasions: yes, it is possible to go in a motorhome with very young children. You have to think about safety, comfort: adequate protection for sleeping, in particular a bed rail or a fall protection net.

The car seat must also be part of the trip, as well as the necessary items for sterilizing bottles, warming baby food, and transporting Baby on walks (the baby sling is very practical).

4. Ensure the safety of all travelers

It goes without saying that safety concerns everyone. If the youngest is properly strapped in during the trip, that the payload is respected and that a care kit is present in the vehicle, then the driver is also guaranteed to feel safe and serene.

Think of drinking water, foggers if it’s hot, as well as anything that can keep the kids busy during the trip. And don’t forget that everyone must remain well seated during journeys, even short ones! As there will be no hotels for your stay at the end of the day you have to make yourself comfortable.

5. Teach your children on the motorhome trip

Several things can be learned on this vacation. We see several kinds of very enriching learning:

– Let them discover nature. Many places where you will have the chance to stop will be conducive to discovery: trees, fauna, flora…

– Culture: museums, visits to castles…

– Culinary specialities: Learning the gastronomy of a region where we find ourselves is both gourmet and informative.

– The organization: since this is the keyword of our subject today, why not also instil it in your toddlers? Travelling this way requires a large organization, especially in a tight space. They will necessarily be sensitive to it.

6. Stay organized

Avoiding clutter, cleaning to have a pleasant place to live, emptying wastewater, emptying chemical toilets, thinking about checking the gas cylinder… all these tasks are daily and most important so that the trip takes place in an optimal way.

Our tip: involve the whole family and make a table of tasks, with the organization of a rotation so that everyone accomplishes each task before the end of the stay (within the limits of their abilities, avoiding the handling of cleaning products for them. younger.).

7. Plan family activities

If the weather is nice, what a pleasure to share outdoor activities with the family! Why not bring or rent bikes for unforgettable rides?

If the kids are tired at night, or it rains every now and then, don’t forget board games, cards, colouring books. This sharing is often the occasion for very happy laughs with the family. And bond with your kids, especially if you don’t have time to play with them the rest of the year.

8. Pay attention to water and electricity consumption

Water and electricity supplies are limited. Each refuelling involves a visit to a service area. The same goes for gas. You can involve your children in monitoring the levels of all of these products.

It is also the dream opportunity to talk to them about ecology and economics!

9. Make arrangements for the sleeping arrangements

The rule for a good night’s sleep is one bed per person. We must not improvise. Older children can if they wish and if the environment is right, sleep in a tent.

Anticipate the trip by checking the placement of the dinette bed. You need space to store all the things lying around before converting the benches. Pavilion beds are very practical so as not to encroach on the living room.

10. Make a checklist to prepare for the trip, without forgetting the soft toys!

The list of things to take for each person is not exhaustive. However, there are items to remember, such as a first aid kit, hygiene kit, the most common DIY and mechanical tools, not to mention Baby’s blanket!

With these ten tips, you have practically everything you need for a successful family trip! Spending a good holiday with children in a motorhome is a memory that marks. And it would be a shame if you couldn’t cope with the unexpected.

Enjoy these rare moments, and without a doubt also very funny! Happy holidays to you all.


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