As a student, we all wonder what career option should I opt for?  What skills do I need to develop? What are the alternatives available for me? what should I do after the 12th? The News Opener help can I improve my strengths and weaknesses?

We are here to help you. In this article we will inform you about some of the best career options for a student and what skills do you need to develop in the 21st century which can help you to secure a job with the top men’s and other companies. So, here comes the list of some of the best career options after 12th. Whether you are from commerce, science or arts, we have listed some of the most interesting and in-demand career options for every stream.

Best career options for students after 12th

Stream                                                    career option

Commerce                                CA, CS, Banking, Accountant, Event manager, content writer

                                                     Marketing Manager, Lecturer, research assistant, digital marketer

Arts                                             Journalist, Lawyer, teacher, Fashion designer, photographer,

                                                    Economist, etc

Science                                   software engineer, mechanical engineer, biotechnology, blockchain 

                                                    developer, business analyst, Forensic pathologist, 

Apart from these career options, you can also go for civil service and government jobs available in every field.

Now that we have talked about career options, let’s get to the most critical part, which is ‘skills’. Each of us wonders what skills do I need to develop. It has become a necessity in today’s dynamic environment to develop at least one of the top in-demand skills if you want to get a high paying job. It has become crucial to develop skills today like never before. The best time to start developing skills is now, as it is never too late to explore your area of interest and start working towards it. But while you are still a student, you have the advantage of exploring and developing different skill sets.

As a student, we wonder how I can improve my strengths and weaknesses. We can improve our strengths and weaknesses by developing the best skills for the 21st century. These skills not only help you professionally and personally as well. But the first step to improving your strengths and weaknesses is to accept them. We often find it difficult to accept our weaknesses, but in order to improve them, to work on them you first need to accept them, as the saying goes ” there’s strength in being strong enough to admit your weakness”.

Let’s talk about the top skills you need to have in the 21st century.

Top Skills in 21st Century

  1.   Creativity  – Creativity is one of the most important skills, regardless of your area of expertise or your career option. Almost every company wants creative employees who are creative and have the ability to provide solutions out of the box to solutions.
  2.  Communication – Communication, oral and written is one of the most important skills you need to have. This is because every job role requires you to be an effective communicator. If you are not an effective communicator, than all your technical skills will be of no use, as you will not be able to explain your point respectfully.
  3.  Adaptability – The ability to adapt to the quickly changing environment will help you survive in an organisation for long terms. companies are looking for employees who can easily adapt themselves in this dynamic market. Individuals who are flexible and adapt to changes quickly are stealing the jobs because the economy is dynamic, you never know what will strike you in the very next minute.
  4. Leadership – Leadership is not just about being a team leader or manager or a CEO, it is much more than that. Leadership includes being a good communicator, ability to empower others, ability to take right and fair decisions, loyalty etc. One can not develop leadership skills overnight. You need to go out there and gain experience to be a good leader.
  5. Critical Thinking – In order to be a logical and reasonable employee, one needs critical thinking. There will be many instances where an employee needs to analyze the situation, come with possible solutions/ alternatives, weigh the pros and cons of each option and finally draw a conclusion. Here comes critical thinking, one of the most crucial skills a student/employee needs to develop.
  6. Collaboration –  Collaboration is the must have skill to work in any company. The way you work with others to solve any problem or to achieve an organization’s goal is what collaboration is. Collaboration will surely be an important part of your career regardless of your role. To have highly specialized skills is not enough, the way you connect and help others is also equally important to grow your career.
  7. Learning skill –   The best skill to have in 21st Century is Learning skill. This is the basic skill every individual needs to have. The way one communicates, thinks and shows eagerness to learn new things, helps them to be successful.

These skills are the most in-demand and necessary skills for a student to have in the 21st century. With the constantly changing world, just having technical skills is not enough. In order to be successful in today’s era, you need to develop these skills. Having learned these skills will help you in future no matter what field you are from.


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