Are you planning a nature-friendly visit to the US? Or looking for the best natural places to visit in the USA? Get them with our guidebook on the top 7 botanical gardens in America for a visit. Being one of the popular traveling spots America boasts everything including luscious botanical gardens. The country houses many botanical gardens having cherry blossoms, vanilla orchids, cacti, and over 3,000 exotic butterflies. However, sometimes it becomes hard for travelers to choose the right garden for visiting in America. Thus, we have brought you a guidebook on the top 7 botanical gardens in America for a visit. These botanical gardens boast beautiful sceneries and are home to some of the best natural experiences in the US. And every one of them is perfect for a visit while traveling to America. Thus, before booking flights to NYC and flights to India from NYC, look at our list of the best botanical gardens. Further, this list will enable you to choose the right natural spot to add to your American travel itinerary. Let’s know the top 7 best botanical gardens in America for a visit

Bellevue Botanical Garden, Washington

Located on the eastern side of downtown Bellevue, Washington, Bellevue Botanical Garden is one of the most popular spots in America. This garden has always welcomed nature enthusiasts even throughout the pandemic. Named as “urban refuge”, this garden covers over 53 acres of gardens, wildlife wetlands, and the best of flora and fauna. However, people vising the park have to put on a mask upon entry into the park’s congested areas. Further, the path inside the specialty garden has a one-way system while the coffee house here takes takeaway orders only.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Texas

A perfect reason to book Dallas to India flights to land at Texas, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Texas has it all. A favorite spot for nature lovers in America, this garden covers over 66 acres of fertile land. Further, because of its beauty, this garden is also known as “the crowning jewel of Dallas”. Boasting a maze of vibrant gardens enjoying groves of pecan trees, crape myrtles, magnolias, azaleas, and cherry trees, this garden looks gorgeous throughout the year. The southeastern shore of the garden is equipped with White Rock Lake Further, one requires timed tickets and has to wear face masks to wear this corner of the garden. Also, face-covering is compulsory inside the garden’s building and restrooms. Further, the staff often requests the visitors to maintain proper social distancing while enjoying the best of nature. One of our favorite natural spots in America, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a convincing place to visit.

New York Botanical Garden, New York

New York City is famous for a lot of things and the New York Botanical Garden is one of the best places in the city. A natural paradise, this garden is often visited by nature lovers residing in New York City. However, New York enjoys various nature-friendly spots, this garden never fails to mesmerize its visitors. Covering over 25- acres of land, this garden is welcoming guests since the 19th century. However, the garden remained close due to the pandemic it has now opened its gate for visitors again. And to celebrate the occasion, New York Botanical Garden, New York is hosting many new exhibitions. Here, guests can enjoy different exhibitions while enjoying the best of nature in a city as busy as New York. Also, because of Covid-19, the garden has made face masks mandatory as well. Further, this rule applies to both guests and staff of the garden along with proper follow-up of social distancing measures. 0ffering a great landscape view, this garden has its own charm. And thus, it has to follow a pre-booking system to maintain proper safety protocols.

Chicago Botanical Garden, Illinois

Covering over 385 acres of land, Chicago Botanical Garden, Illinois exhibits millions of plants. A perfect treat for nature lovers, this garden is a flower-lovers utopia. Here, you can find a wide variety of flowering plants that comes into full bloom during the spring season. Every year, the garden runs a flower exhibit named “It’s Showtime,” which lasts until June. The most popular floral attractions of the garden include crabapples and tulips that look beautiful to every visitor.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Florida

Residing on the southern side of Miami, Fairland Tropical Botanic Garden, Florida covers over 83 acres of land. Boasting a wide and beautiful collection of flowering plants, the garden is home to some of the rarest flowers in the world. After almost a year of living the pandemic, the garden is now finally open to the public. You have to book tickets online to visit this beautiful garden and the bookings are made with visitors’ names. Also, the garden has made masks compulsory in its public areas and its staff requests people to maintain social distancing.

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Georgia

Covering over 30 acres of land in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to be. This beautiful garden celebrates the display of a wide variety of flowering plants along with other plant species. Here, at Atlanta Botanical Garden one can find beautiful florals for most of the time of the year. Creating an Urban oasis in the city, this botanical garden knows how to charm its visitors with its natural beauty. This beautiful garden is now open for visitors, to visit and celebrate the best of nature. Make sure to follow all the guidelines given by the garden staff to ensure a smooth and safe visit.

San Francisco Botanical Garden, California

Residing in San Francisco, San Francisco Botanical Garden, California is one of the best nature-friendly spots n the city. Perfect for a day picnic, this park showcases beautiful floral arrangements. Boasting more than 8,000 different varieties of plants, this botanical garden is a must-visit place for nature lovers in America. The garden is offering both advance ticketing and tickets on arrival options to its interested visitors. You can make online bookings to visit the San Francisco Botanical Garden, California as well.


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