Family planning is one of the most important decisions in everyone’s life. After all, it’s a matter of new life that will bring lots of happiness, a flood of emotions, and sleepless nights. Every couple wants to enjoy this phase of life and do full preparation for it.

From diapers to clothes, feeders to toys, everything is selected so carefully by taking care of the soft touch to the gentle skin of the little munchkin. But, when it comes to choosing the best maternity hospital in Mohali for mom-to-be, then how one should become careless?

Selecting the best maternity hospital is mandatory for a happy and safe pregnancy journey because these hospitals have the latest healthcare facilities for a mother and newborn baby that every normal hospital hardly has.

There are several factors that one should keep in mind while looking for the top maternity hospital in Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur, and other parts of India, such as hospital near me:

  • How far is it from home and the time is taken to travel?
  • An individual should also check prices and compare them with other hospitals.
  • Most importantly, you should check the capability of nurses and gynecologists. And don’t forget to find out about the various facilities offered by the hospital.

Here, we have enlisted the five major services available at a maternity hospital. Have a look!

  1. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The first and foremost service that should be available in all the maternity hospitals in the NICU, i.e., neonatal intensive care unit. In the cases of premature delivery, where newborn babies extra care, these units play a crucial role.

Basically, these units have specialized equipment such as feeding tubes, incubators, phototherapy lights, respiratory monitors, and cardiac monitors. Moreover, the staff must have hands-on experience to handle premature babies and give them special care.

2. Easily Accessible Blood Bank

There are the chances that during labour pain, the mother may bleed excessively. I have experienced this situation very well. After delivering the baby, I bled badly (because of thalassemia), and at that time, when I needed urgent blood, my family members ran madly in the search for the blood bank. So, it is advisable to check that your hospital must have a connection to a blood bank and check that whether your blood group is available or not?

3. Hygiene

Cleanliness is important for both, i.e., the mother and the newborn baby. So, don’t even try to neglect the hospital’s hygienic level. Ensure that the linens should be changed regularly, delivery rooms and wards should be cleaned and sanitized regularly, and most importantly, medical equipment should be effectively sterilized. In addition, meals provided by the hospital should be hygienically prepared. Ensure that the meals are healthy and good for both the mother and the newborn.

4. Ambulance Service

Every quality-maternity hospital should have an ambulance service to avoid any major mishap during the delivery process so that they can transfer the patient as soon as possible to a bigger hospital that has advanced medical equipment and trained staff to deal with such emergencies.

5. Power Bank

100% power backup is very important in maternity hospitals. So that in case of a power cut, the hospital should function without any interruptions, i.e., the incubators should continue to receive electricity. In addition, certain medications require to be constantly refrigerated; hence a power bank is an important facility.

The Final Verdict:

I hope you find this article on maternity hospitals useful to make the best decision for your better half and your newborn baby. For all the latest maternity updates, stay tuned!

Stay Healthy & Happy!


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