Here are the 3 latest news about Amritsar city, which you cannot miss to read.

  1. Farmer Associations Preparing For November 26 Call

Farmer associations in Amritsar have begun preparing to support the November 26 calls given by the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha pioneers to honour one-year commemoration of the ongoing movement on the borders of Delhi.

A convention of the Vegetable Growers Organization took place on Wednesday, supervising the commemoration of the agitation and the resulting walk towards the parliament as declared by the SKM. During the meeting, farmer chief Bhupinder Singh Triathpura said,” Farmers have nearly finished planting wheat crops and are relatively free. The cooperation in the movement will elevate in the coming days.

Also, another farmer, headman Lakhbir Singh Nizampura, said, “A batch of 500 farmers will walk towards the parliament every day from November 29. Lakhbir Singh is leaving for the Singhu border on November 25, also said: I have planted my wheat and have no important appointments. If nothing unexpected occurs, I will remain there till the month of April, and I will return to reap wheat.

2. Jan Sampark Campaign Started From North Constituency

Looking into advancement works in various parts of the Amritsar city, Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu paid attention to the complaints of inhabitants under the Jan Sampark Campaign that was brought out from Vidhan Sabha North Constituency.

Addressing a gathered Public by councillor Sandeep Rinka at Shivala Street, Rintu asserted that the time had come to audit the work done during the last three-and-a-half years. The Mayor spent over an hour with the inhabitants of the area and, after listening to their issues carefully, asked the officials present on the spot to solve them. Karamjit Singh Rintu was joined by the ward in-charges, space councillors, and party office-bearers of the electorate.

Mayor also said that he is always there to listen to the problems of the city’s residents and strive to resolve them at any cost. Apart from this, he also added that crores of money had already been spent on the city’s development.

3. Exhibition Of Waste Art Coordinated At DAV College Amritsar

Branch of Zoology, DAV College organized a presentation of imaginative and helpful objects produced using waste materials under the subject of “Waste Management” by the scholars of BSc (Medical) third Semester. During the event, Head Dr Rajesh Kumar focused on the significance of the 3 R’s – reuse, recycle, and reduce waste materials or products. He said, “Electronic waste is significantly harmful to the climate as these are made of non-biodegradable materials. We should show a drive for dealing with the waste materials by chopping down the recurrence of new buys. Apart from this, disposal of waste materials is turning into a significant danger to the climate.” The waste material exhibition was organized by the students. He admired their endeavours and saluted the employees of the Zoology Department for taking such drives to sensitize the students towards different issues related to the conservation of the environment. In control, Nihita Sharma organized the exhibition.

The Bottom Line

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