Dabbing is an expensive hobby, and that means you need to take care of your rig. One of the most critical steps in taking care of any dab rig is cleaning it. Getting down into all the cracks and crevices can be challenging without some tips on going about it. Luckily, find a compiled list of tricks below that will make your job easier!

1.  Use a pipe cleaner to remove the residue from the nail.

A pipe cleaner is a piece of tightly twisted wire with a thin, absorbent strand at the center. After heating up your nail:

  • * Soak the pipe cleaner’s tip in alcohol and insert it into the glass tube so that it goes all the way through to touch your nail.
  • * Pull out gently on both sides to remove any residue stuck onto your dab rig’s bowl or connected joint.

2. If there are any bits of E-liquid on your rig, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean it.

Electric rigs come with their own set of cleaning tools, which you can find in the kit. The tool is usually shaped like a pen and functions by heating up your nail for you while also pushing any residue toward the opening to be easily removed later on using an alcohol-soaked pipe cleaner or cotton swab.

Unlike water, Alcohol and cotton swabs will least likely destroy electronic components. This makes it easier for beginners and experienced users alike because there’s no risk involved when learning how to clean a dab rig properly!

3. Rinse out your dab rig with cold water after you finish using it.

You should only rinse the glass chamber and vapor path with water and avoid using it on the heating element. Electric rigs are typically easy to clean, but portable dab rigs can be a bit difficult. Electric rig manufacturers will often recommend using isopropyl alcohol or other solvents that you can find at local head shops for cleaning out your rig. We do not recommend this because it can damage the glass and remove residual sticky oil, which you want to keep in the chamber, so it doesn’t build up over time. If possible, avoid buying an electric rig if you don’t have access to these products, as they should only be used by professionals who know how to use them correctly    

4. Use rubbing alcohol and salt or baking soda to give your glass piece an extra deep scrubbing.

Using rubbing alcohol to clean your glass piece is recommended for both traditional and electronic rigs. You can use salt or baking soda for electric rigs to scrub down the heating element; however, make sure not to get any of this residue in the water pipe itself.

For a Portable dab rig, you can put a few drops of alcohol onto a cotton swab (or paper towel) and wipe away the ink stains on your portable dab rig. Then take equal parts salt and baking soda with hot water to rinse off all residue before using again.

5. To avoid getting resin stuck under the nails, use gloves while cleaning.

Resin is a common by-product of smoking dabs, and getting it under your nails is a pain. If you don’t want to wear gloves, invest in disposable nitrile ones, which you can buy from most hardware stores or online. They are cheap and offer good protection when cleaning the nail with ISO alcohol or saltwater. Not only that, but they also help prevent resin stains on your hands after dabbing.

Key Takeaways

Electric dab rigs can be expensive but worth the investment! When using a traditional wax pen, try not to hold down on the power button too long as it will waste oil and cause smoke to build up in the chamber. This may reduce the overall volume of clouds you’re able to blow out during the session.

Portable vaporizers that are electric work best with concentrates that third-party laboratories have tested for consistency, safety & potency! Electric rigs are perfect for vaping oils, waxes, and concentrates containing high amounts of THC/CBD, depending on what you’re looking to get out of your vape session! Be sure to clean bud burners often as they tend to make your glass sticky from the residue left behind. Also, don’t forget about nail caps which prevent any unwanted material from entering the heating element or atomizer.


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