We might not realize how tough escape rooms are because of how lightly they are publicized in the media. But they indeed are difficult and demand a disciplined and consistent approach from their audience. Initially many people who try an escape room for the first time are left dumbstruck and in a perplexing state because their minds cannot wrap around what should be done. It usually takes them a couple of breakout experiences before they realize what to do and what the right way of approaching these games is.

But to figure that out, you need to play a bunch of escape games and then pick out their pattern, right? And this turns off many people because they are looking for a good and everlasting experience of recreation and nobody would want it to be wasted as a trial and error experiment for finding out how to win a game. We know how amazing it feels when you are finally out of the puzzle room, victorious and free and that feeling is unrivalled. And without knowing what the right things that one must do in an escape room, you cannot win.

So, to help you out and give you an insight into the working pattern of these escape games, here is the ultimate guide to surviving an escape room situation. It will allow you to overcome your concerns regarding these puzzles and how you can approach your choice of the room without losing your focus

Pick your right team

Escape rooms rely on the working of the group for the victory. Teamwork is what counts and determines your game’s success. So selecting your team members properly is the first and the most vital step before you set foot in the puzzle room. See which people are most compatible with you and who are more accustomed to each other’s presence. This will help you avoid uncomfortable situations inside the escape room and prevent traps that might lead your team towards an awkward and failing situation. Your friends, family, and coworkers are the perfect match for escape room groups. Usually, the right size of a team is around 4 to 6 people, but you can always include up to 8 or 10 peers depending on the game rules.

Be early and come with a plan

Starting an escape room is already an adrenaline booster and you need to stay fresh and calm before the game. But if you are late, it will divert your mental attention towards another issue and give you a reason to fuss and worry about. To have your focus solely on the escape room and not on any trivial issue, try being around 5 minutes early so that you can start with ease and not feel tired even before starting your breakout puzzle. Also, make rough planning with your team before the events and sort out a possible work distribution that you might need to follow in the escape room. This helps in the better understanding and cooperation in the team

Communication between everyone

Another necessary point to remember is the communication between each of your group members. The best way to achieve it is by telling your team about what you found. You will be surprised to know that how often many people on a team end up solving the same riddle! To reduce this repetition and apparent wastage of time and effort, good communication is important. The moment you enter, divide into pairs and announce whatever you find and discuss to save time and work quicker. The more you trust and talk, the faster will you find answers to the challenges present

Keep a track of what you’ve found

It is always advisable to have someone organize all the puzzles and clues as you keep solving them in the way. Remember to keep in mind what you haven’t solved yet so that you can go back to it later once you have finished with your other clues. This makes escape room puzzle solving easy because if you keep a note of what you have done and what is left, everything around you appears simple and broken into small and reachable goals.

Ask for help

If it is required, do not be ashamed to ask for help no matter what time has it been in the game. Many people will prefer to do absolutely nothing in the escape room rather than asking for help from the staff members as they want to win the game on their own. But do not abide by this rule. It is always better to seek help and move ahead rather than being confused about your very next step and not making a single move. Just let go of the shyness and hesitation and feel free to ask for any clue or hint if you find yourself stuck in a stagnant place with no way out. The in-charges are there to aid you during difficulty and provide a better escape room experience for you.

Listen to your guide

It is genuine to be excited before the game but do not forget to listen to what your guide has to announce. They often like to drop enigmatic hints for the game and if you stay attentive, you might discover a couple of tricky answers real quick. They also have instructions for you to obey which you wouldn’t want to ignore. There are some doors and boxes that are sealed for a reason and not listening to your guide might land you in some form of trouble inside the escape room. To make your survival easy, follow their words and don’t deviate from their guidelines.

Keep an eye on the time

You will never realize how fast the minutes fly when you are in a room that heightens your sensory overload. And before anything is done, you will go into panic mode and ruin everything if you don’t match your steps with the ticking time. To avoid getting stuck in this locked zone, keep an eye on the clock and have a mental note of how much time is left and how much you have ended up spending. This will give you a clear view of your situation and enable you to plan accordingly for your game ahead.

Keep a positive attitude

Last but not the least, maintain a positive attitude throughout your breakout game. An optimistic and cheerful style is what will guide you to your escape room survival. You’re there with a choice and a wish, and it was to play and have fun. So don’t just focus on winning and escaping. It’s all about entertainment and de-stressing so laugh your failure off if you couldn’t succeed. Keep a positive attitude and handle everything with determination and a consistent approach while you are inside the escape room and no matter what your results are, don’t forget to be sporty and happy with what you did. Your efforts and the time you spend with your close ones matter more than anything.

In the end, what matters is your presence of mind. Many teams fall under the no-success zone but regardless of it, people love to come by and drop for trying different themes in hopes of winning the next round. So, tell yourself that you do not need to escape the rooms to be happy and experience fun, but rather just go with the flow enjoy yourself to the fullest with your friends and family while you are locked inside.

Now you have got what it needs to tackle your next escape room. So go ahead and enjoy this adventure to your fullest!


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