Have you ever witnessed a road traffic accident and wondered that it could have been avoided if the involved drivers had read some traffic rules? Surely, knowing road traffic guidelines could be useful in averting such situations. More important though, is the acquisition of well-rounded driving training that involves more than just memorizing a few laws.

What makes good driving training?

A good driving course consists of units that inculcate safe driving etiquette, proper vehicle maintenance, and respectful road use to students. In this kind of rounded atmosphere, car owners can learn to use the road safely, thereby reducing the incidence of road traffic accidents. Products of good driving academies are up-to-date on applicable road safety measures. They also make the best decisions for everyone and save themselves and others from avoidable dangers. This can save an appreciable amount of money for private car owners and businesses alike.

Accidents are inevitable but…

It is virtually impossible to completely prevent accidents from happening on our roads. That is partly because we humans are capricious and it is just impossible to get everyone in line. One good thing though, is that we can take responsibility as law-abiding citizens and take steps to educate ourselves.

Where to begin?

To start, you should enroll in a government-accredited driving school, such as our Drive Well Driving School in Herndon VA. Engaging with our highly experienced driving instructors will help you gain the requisite knowledge and skills. These attributes help you contribute your quota to the safety of yourself and other road users. Learning how to drive or refreshing your knowledge at a driving school puts you in a position to reduce the overall risk of accidents and other road mishaps. For example, driving schools help identify and eradicate unhealthy driving habits. They equally teach you acceptable behaviors and help you learn to see commuting on roads as a form of teamwork.

Why you should enroll in a driving school today

There are many reasons why you may not be willing to attend a formal driving school. Your sibling or friend knows how to drive, so why not just settle your case with them? The truth is, while this saves you a good amount of money in the short term, it ends up being a bad idea in the long run.

Learning from driving instructors specifically trained and certified for the purpose has a lot of benefits, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Awareness of risks: There are many different sources of danger on public roads – irresponsible drivers, ignorant newbies, bad vehicles, poor weather, among others. This proves one major point – that no matter how much one tries, there is always going to be a level of risk associated with commutes. Our goal at Drive Well Driving School is to educate you sufficiently enough to keep you and others around you safe. We aim to make you as little of a risk as possible, to yourself and others. You will also learn to identify these risks and act accordingly when confronted with them.
  • Eradication of bad habits: No matter how easy it is to criticize others, we may also be perpetrators of many of the lapses we accuse others of. When you enroll with us at Drive Well Driving School, you release yourself into a pool of experience and expertise. Our seasoned tutors will help you come to terms with the nobility of the skill you are learning. We also guide you in identifying any untoward habits and help devise strategies to eliminate them.
  • Improvement of fleet integrity: This is useful for business owners whose businesses depend on managing a fleet of vehicles as well as their drivers. Being able to vouch for the integrity and safe conduct of your drivers is a cardinal issue. For the safety of your workers and business, you must ensure that your drivers are properly schooled in the art of driving. Your drivers must be able to maintain your automobiles in roadworthy conditions, as well as protect the identity of your brand. At Drive Well Driving School in Herndon VA, we teach drivers safe-conduct protocols and proper vehicle maintenance. You also stand to gain a host of other useful skills that will prove useful from time to time.
  • Emergency reflex responses: Practice makes perfect, they say. There is a host of risks and emergencies to look out for and evade while traveling on roads. At Drive Well Driving School, we teach students how to handle dangerous road traffic circumstances and various unprecedented high-risk situations. These situations usually require immediate, pre-programmed responses that come from muscle memory. Our Driving School in Herndon VA employs the services of patient and well-read tutors. They work round the clock to design and implement a comprehensive curriculum to help develop, revive and maintain these kinds of reflexes.
  • Save yourself a fortune: Paying a driving school tuition or lesson fees appears unnecessary and wasteful in the short run. However, it is important to note that you are saving yourself a lot of money long term. Whether you are a business or a private car owner, the costs you may incur from fines and repairs can be significant enough to swallow your tuition fees. You can avoid all of these costs by enrolling yourself and/or your drivers in a driving school.
  • Wiser decision making: Beyond saving you a ton in dollars and teaching you emergency responses, you will learn to make better choices at Drive Well. Our integrated curriculum teaches you to apply more prudence and adroitness when making life and death decisions on roads.
  • Compliance with safety protocols: Enrolling your drivers in a driving school, especially for large businesses with a large fleet, is a commendable step towards obeying the law. Doing so means that you are complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act. This Act requires you to take all necessary steps to protect your workers and minimize personal risks in your workplace.


As repulsive as driving schools appear to be, they have stood for decades and have proven to be key players in the reduction of road accidents. Working together with our experts, our driving school in Herndon VA can help you achieve more than you have ever imagined.


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