Developing a business idea and starting a new business today can be a difficult processor, at least, a path that requires your own time. Fortunately, learning how to create an e-commerce website to sell our products or services online has become easier and easier. The reason? Thanks to the latest and modern e-commerce platforms that are increasingly intuitive to use and that allow us to create a specific website for all our commercial needs. It really takes a few minutes and with a few clicks, our business can start, starting today if we are determined to start our journey in the field of e-commerce. Of course, there are some key steps that need to be kept in mind, where it is good to give a clear, effective and capable approach to compete with all the competition already present in this sector. Most e-commerce platforms also offer key elements like secure payments, shipping, and marketing on a plug-and-play basis, so you probably won’t need any coding experience to create a great looking e-commerce website. professional. There are some key steps that need to be evaluated and followed to the letter.

Choosing your name and obtaining the domain is the starting point

If we don’t know about creating an e-commerce site, the domain, also called the URL, is our web address. This is the home of our Internet e-commerce site and what shoppers enter in their browser bar to visit the site on the web. Choosing a good domain name is important to both our brand and overall success. . If possible, we select an activity and a domain name that are closely related to what we are going to propose and therefore to sell. By using descriptive keywords or key phrases in the business and domain name, customers know what we are going to sell in advance, it also helps us rank well in search engines, which is critical to the SEO strategy of our company or business we are. to launch on the web. Generally, if ours is a niche business, it is quite easy to find a keyword-focused name for the e-commerce site.

If the name we wanted to give to the site has already been taken, you can always opt for a different suffix than the dot com, such as the final particle with the net or the co. However, it is always preferable to have the domain with the dot com or if you are a brand that wants to emphasize the Italian brand, dot it is also a good solution. Generally, the cost of a domain is around 15-25 euros per year. However, it is advisable to choose a custom domain, since it has a greater impact than those sites that instead of keeping the free WordPress or Blogger domain in some cases. To be professional it is important to immediately show yourself determined, ordered and precise by these initial details, which can and must make a difference.

Choose the e-commerce platform

The e-commerce platform is where our site “lives” online and in this case we really have many options to choose from. There are free e-commerce platforms with limited functionality and almost free e-commerce stores based on more or less free platforms. You can add e-commerce features to popular website builders or use a dedicated e-commerce platform that can support unlimited growth. Dedicated e-commerce platforms are the easiest way to quickly launch a full e-commerce website. These solutions are very robust and expandable and offer powerful built-in features such as secure payments, shipping labels, email marketing, and multi-channel sales support. These solutions are not free, but they offer a lot of tools starting at very affordable prices for the service offered and proposed.


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