Pakistan and Afghanistan are two important neighbors of South Asia. Both countries have historical, geographical, linguistic, ethnic, and religious affiliations. Relations between the two countries began in 1947 when Pakistan became an independent country. Instability and instability in Afghanistan are a matter of deep concern to the entire region, especially to Afghanistan’s neighbors. Pakistan is at the forefront of its long border with Afghanistan. And the border is such that there is no permanent monitoring system. To address this situation, Pakistan has focused on Pak-Afghan border management, but the border management measures that are being taken by Afghanistan continue to resist them. ۔ China is also concerned about the unrest in Afghanistan and Russia is also concerned that armed groups from Afghanistan could enter Russia through Central Asian states. Concern over Afghanistan’s instability among its neighbors is a must. Given this situation. Pakistan’s army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has vowed to work with Afghanistan for peace in the region. The reason why Pakistan, China, and Russia have launched a joint effort is that Afghanistan is considered a hotbed of terrorism in the region. And it is also affecting Pakistan. Through Afghanistan, Indians and other terrorists want to harm projects as the development C-Pack started in Pakistan and Pakistan. Afghanistan should support Pakistan. Pakistan wants lasting peace in Afghanistan. Trade facilities should be enhanced in a way that trade is also possible, but after security clearance, the purpose of border and gate is not to close trade but to filter and check so that there can be peaceful trade between the two countries. And terrorists can also be eliminated.

Promote legal trade by eliminating illegal trade. We have to create an easier and better way to get to and from Afghanistan through legal channels. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is considered to be Pakistan’s key role in showing the best strategy and a dignified victory. On the other hand, the US military does not want to convince the world that Afghanistan Despite being in the country for 20 years, failed miserably in achieving its goals in this country. The use of sophisticated weapons and trillions of dollars have not worked. Nearly 3,000 US troops have been killed. Thousands have been permanently disabled. The Biden administration is reassuring its people that its strategy is to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan in such a humiliating manner. I will not be what was demonstrated in Vietnam in the 1970s. US forces will not be seen “fleeing” after being defeated in Afghanistan. On the other hand, more than forty years have passed since Afghanistan was divided into blind hatred and devotion. During this long period, the vast majority of unemployed youth have no choice but to resist or fight. The United States has lost the war in Afghanistan. The biggest beneficiaries of peace in Afghanistan will be Pakistan and CPEC. In that case, the United States and its new love, India, would never want lasting peace in Afghanistan. The United States’ first global priority is to curb China’s global influence and growing economic power. It is no secret that the United States is working with India to accomplish this mission, and in the near future, India will be America’s closest ally in the region. Pakistan has played the most important and key role in the Afghanistan peace process. Pakistan, China, and Russia should work with the Afghan government to establish lasting peace in Afghanistan. In this situation, we must also keep an eye on India. India has spent trillions of rupees in Afghanistan against Pakistan and Islam. Will he be able to bear the fact that in this whole process his name is not appearing anywhere and no character is visible. Obviously, when India realizes that it has nothing to gain, it will want a civil war to break out in Afghanistan, at least, so that there is no peace on the Pak-Afghan border. In that case, India has There will be only two ways. Either he somehow gets close to the Afghan Taliban and uses them for his nefarious purposes. Or he may once again join the Northern Alliance against the Afghan Taliban and use them to sponsor a protracted civil war in Afghanistan. In such a situation, Pakistan will have to take every step and bear in mind the far-reaching consequences of any move. Peaceful Afghanistan certainly means a peaceful region and especially a peaceful Pakistan. Pakistan, Afghanistan from the beginning, and peace and stability in the region. Is pursuing close trilateral cooperation between Islamabad, Kabul, and Beijing. Pakistan has consistently called on all parties to reach a political settlement to end the conflict. As a responsible neighbor, Pakistan has always played a key role in facilitating peace talks in Afghanistan. 83,000 people have been lost in the war on terror. Pakistan has made maximum sacrifices. Pakistan’s own economy has suffered a loss of one hundred and fifty billion. Pakistan has hosted Afghan leaders and bilateral meetings with various Afghan political factions to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan. Demonstrates commitment to strengthen bilateral ties. Pakistan issues 55,000 visas to Afghans every month for basic travel such as health and education.

Pakistan is committed to peace and stability in the region and will never provide a base to the United States. The Afghan problem can only be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. But it has also created better prospects for peace. Peace and stability in Afghanistan are conducive to harnessing the true potential of regional connectivity and deepening economic interdependence through the use of innovation and technological advances. Pakistan supports a comprehensive political dialogue acceptable to the Afghan leadership as the only lasting solution. No other country wants peace in Afghanistan more than Pakistan. The role is being recognized by the international community. Stability on all sides in Afghanistan and refraining from human rights violations should be the ultimate goal of peace.

Building a close cooperative relationship with Afghanistan is a top priority of Pakistan’s foreign policy and an important part of our vision of a “peaceful neighborhood”. Pakistan has always reaffirmed its commitment to the peace process. It is India that is disturbing the peace in the region, which has mobilized its intelligence agency RAW to carry out terrorist activities so that it can derail the peace process. Pakistan is playing its part in shaping the lives of ordinary Afghans. Pakistan and Afghanistan share a long border, ethnic ties, and geographical ties. Pakistan has played an important role in establishing peace in Afghanistan while India has achieved peace in many ways and means. Pakistan will always support the Afghan-led Afghan-owned peace process based on the consensus of all stakeholders. Indo-Pacific Secretary of Defense for Defense David Halvey said in a statement. “Pakistan has played an important role in Afghanistan,” he said. Haq Abdullah, chairman of the National Council for National Reconciliation, met with Pakistan’s army chief in Kabul, Afghanistan, on May 10, 2021. India is playing its part in sabotaging the peace deal between the United States and the Taliban but now Failed to. Pakistan has fenced off its borders with Afghanistan and 80% of it has been done – India, the Afghan Taliban are not happy with the peace deal and India’s dream of using Afghanistan’s space to carry out terrorism in Pakistan has now been shattered. Through proxies and RAW, India has long been trying to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistani state officials have always worked to maintain regional peace. However, the Afghan government must work with Pakistan to defeat and eliminate those who disturb the peace, who want nothing but destruction and instability in the region. Border Security and Border Management System Are a true reflection of commitment. Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and its efforts in this regard have been recognized internationally.

Pakistan is the biggest supporter of peace and stability in its neighborhood, especially in Afghanistan. Instability in Afghanistan is on India’s side to end the claims of terrorism against Pakistan. India is bound to disrupt the peace agreement. That is why RAW and NDS proxies are responsible for terrorist attacks. Lasting peace in Afghanistan is a prerequisite for regional stability and prosperity. The United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar formally signed the agreement to bring peace to Afghanistan. Islamabad played a key role in facilitating the Afghan peace process. Welcoming the US announcement, he said that Pakistan supports the decision in principle in which “the withdrawal of troops will be done responsibly with the cooperation of all stakeholders in Afghanistan.” Pakistan hopes that The United States will convince Afghan leaders how a political solution is possible in the country. Over the years, Pakistan has played a quiet but important role in persuading the Taliban to sit down with the Afghan government and other stakeholders. According to experts, inter-Afghan talks would not have been possible without the full support of Islamabad. At present, Islamabad is trying to maintain the ongoing peace efforts and achieve more. “Pakistan has repeatedly stated that peace and stability in Afghanistan are in our interest,” the Foreign Office said in a statement. We will continue to work with the international community to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. ”But Pakistan wants Afghan territory not to be used against Pakistan. There is a need to limit India’s influence and the issue of repatriation of Afghan refugees in the country should also be included in the talks. ”Over the past four decades, Pakistan has accommodated millions of Afghan refugees in the country. ۔ These refugees are not just confined to camps but are spread across the country, studying and doing business. Pakistan wants the international community to take responsibility and ensure that the future of the country is at stake. The return of refugees should also be discussed in the talks. Pakistan will support whatever Afghans themselves decide in the Afghan peace process. But we should also keep an eye on India to do its best to discredit Pakistan in the eyes of Afghans. We also need to know who hates and spreads hatred against Pakistan in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has also made many sacrifices to eradicate terrorism. Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and peace in the region. So that new avenues of development open up. C-Pac will help in the long-term development of regional countries and the improvement of special relations in all fields. The project is being seen by some in South Asia as a “game-changer“. And Afghanistan can take full advantage of this game-changer project. If Afghanistan and its survival and economic development are to be the goal, it must also accept C-Pack as a reality. This project is not only our economic development but also the guarantor of peace and security in the region because the world attached to it will never allow Pakistan to weaken or end, God willing. Afghanistan must now realize this fact. If he maintains border tensions with Pakistan and undermines regional and global peace, then the countries that have tied their future to C-Pac in terms of economic development will deal with it themselves. Peaceful Afghanistan means a peaceful region, especially a peaceful Pakistan. Is. In Pakistan, the view is very clear that a peaceful Afghanistan is a guarantee of lasting peace in the region. With the same intention and purpose, Pakistan has been supporting the Afghan peace process and has been making the Afghan parties equally aware that The eyes of the whole region, but also of this part of the world, are on him for peace. Partners in the Afghan process can play their part, but ultimately it is up to the Afghan factions to make the difference. After Afghanistan itself, Pakistan has been the hardest hit by the war in Afghanistan. These effects have been felt in the form of human and financial, defense and law and order, and even social change. There is no other country on the planet that has sheltered millions of refugees from a war-torn neighboring country like this. Two generations of Afghans have grown up here, doing business wherever they want. But the way in which the people and government of this country have given Afghans the opportunity to settle here and the openness with which they have been accepted is a historic event in its own right. Pakistan is deeply affected by sabotage and extremism. Unfortunately, not only non-state actors but also some Afghan government agencies and government officials are involved in these incidents, which is undoubtedly a matter of great concern. Pakistan’s goodwill and sincerity for Afghanistan are obvious, but when hostile sentiments and undesirable actions are committed by the Afghan government and government forces, the situation becomes a matter of concern and distress for Pakistan at the governmental and public levels. Afghanistan desperately needs to understand that mutual understanding and trusting relations with its neighbors are paramount in all that it needs to do to have a sustainable future and join the emerging nations of the world. These are two key milestones for Afghanistan’s lasting peace and development. For lasting peace and stability, Afghans need to build internal peace and strong and reliable relations with neighboring countries, especially Pakistan. When the nation is united and determined, it is possible to defeat even the greatest enemy. All we have to do is build a peaceful Pakistan with unity and love together with a peaceful Afghanistan and appreciate the sacrifices made against terrorism and keep their lodge and not let the enemy enter our ranks that day inshallah Not far away when Pakistan will represent peaceful countries. And will become a social hub and promote relations with the world. The sacrifices made by Pakistan in the war on terror are highly valued in the world. In the last few years, Pakistan has overcome all difficulties and has played a vital role in maintaining security and stability. Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror are unforgettable. Pakistan has made great sacrifices in the war on terror which is acknowledged by the world. Peaceful Afghanistan means a peaceful region, especially a peaceful Pakistan. Pakistan will continue to support the Afghan people’s long-term peace efforts. If there is peace in Afghanistan then there will be peace in the region.


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