Who hasn’t ever wanted a new car? The sale of new cars has always been an indicator of the economic trend and the propensity to spend of nations. Yet the automobile market has also changed a lot in recent years. Air pollution, traffic, time spent in queues are all consequences of the four-wheeler market that do not contribute to making cities more liveable and increasing the quality of life.

If in the years of the economic boom, buying a new car was also a question of status to be exhibited or shared, today there are other lifestyles that are trendy. The desire for sustainable mobility and the use of scooters and bicycles is growing in cities, while cars can also be rented for longer trips for business or vacation. Furthermore, to save money without sacrificing quality, the availability of used items is infinite.

New or used cars?

Why prefer new cars to used ones? Convenience and savings but also the possibility of buying in instalments with loans extended over time, guide the choice of increasingly demanding motorists. Certainly, a new car costs more  Nissan car for sale but offers advantages in terms of technical characteristics, innovation, design and perhaps safety. A new car costs more money but eliminates reliability problems and has all the latest in autonomous driving.

Of new cars that have just been released or will be released on the market, it is possible to know all the features well in advance, even before they arrive in dealerships, by reading specialized magazines, watching video tests or live streaming presentations of motor shows. If the price list of the new one is higher, today you can buy machines in instalments with relatively low-interest rates that allow resale not excessively at a loss. Conversely, choosing a good used car requires much more time and a careful evaluation of the proposals.

New car registrations

Which are the best-selling cars in Italy by segment and which models are the most chosen by motorists? Unrar provides all the statistical data relating to new registrations by make or type of car in terms of bodywork, segment, fuel and dimensions. As for the bodywork, sedans and crossovers (SUVs) together reach 80% of the market, followed by off-road vehicles and station wagons.

Among the best-selling car segment, that is the range and size of cars, the most chosen by Italians are small or medium-sized compact cars. In particular, new small cars are increasingly being chosen by motorists for moving around the city. For power supply at the top of the rankings of the last semester, there are petrol-electric Hybrid cars, followed by petrol and diesel ones which are further decreasing due to the restrictive laws on diesel engines.

Cars with electric and hybrid motors collectively exceed 50% of new cars sold in dealerships and this bodes well for a sustainable future of mobility. Among the best-selling new car brands in Italy in the leading dealers, there is the Stellantis FCA Group followed by Volkswagen, Renault, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Daimler Mercedes, Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki.

Among the best-selling new cars in Europe in September 2021, according to data from Jato Dynamics, for the first time in the lead was an electric car: the Tesla Model3. This is a real green turning point also because the price without incentives starts at over 50 thousand euros. Also in Europe, the sum of electric and hybrid vehicles represents 23% of total registrations.

Dealers and online sales

When it comes to buying a new car, motorists spend a lot of time browsing online, but then they want to touch them firsthand. All the major Italian or European car manufacturers offer complete online sites to see the shapes and characteristics of the models. Through simple virtual interfaces and with a click of the mouse, the new car can take shape before the eyes.

If the sellers have been replaced by positive and negative reviews on sites and social networks and online car sales are already a reality, all the major car brands have a sales network ready to answer the questions of customers who arrive in the dealerships already prepared on the features of the new models. From non-places, dealers are changing their role, also from a marketing point of view, in places where to live emotions and experiences.

Vendiauto A guide to finding new car dealerships in the nearest province or city. Main information of the major retailers broken down by car brand. A good car sales service must be available and reliability is one of the key factors to entice the purchase.

all addresses are divided by region. It contains descriptive cards, customer comments and targeted offers for purchase and sale

New cars price list

For some years now, the world of engines has no longer attracted the interest of the past, but the major brands are working hard to produce ever better, beautiful and performing vehicles. Here is where to find the price list of new cars to make a comparison between all the brands on the market by searching by parameters: bodywork, power supply, seats, price, brand and much more.

Quattroruote price list Service offered by Quattroruote magazine to find customized new car prices and choose between make, model and equipment without forgetting the comparison between new models on the market with photo gallery


Auto Price List Everything about the prices of new cars, motorbikes and the world of engines: new price list, latest news, comparison, tests, previews, shows, buying guide, second-hand market, announcements edited by the editorial staff of the Tiscali portal

Infomotori Consultation of the price list of new cars on the Infomotori portal with the possibility of choosing a favourite car model, comparing the characteristics and cost of even two models of one brand or more brands at the same time

Motor box The car of your dreams is just a click away from Motorbox. Just select the parameters that interest you most: make, bodywork and price, transmission and gearbox, performance, dimensions and luggage, homologation and that are it!

Autoscout24 Automotive database with a list of models of each brand. Ads by categories with advanced search database by selecting the brand, model, price, year, mileage, fuel, city and distance for an informed purchase


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