The NFL is often considered a battle between quarterbacks, but it’s really a full-team effort. Wide receivers are just as important to the success of a team and two of the best wide receivers in the game right now are josh reynolds or robert woods. But who’s better? In this blog post, we’ll be comparing Josh Reynolds and Robert Woods to determine which one is the better receiver. We’ll look at their stats, their playing styles and even their off-field behavior to come to a conclusion. So let’s get started!

The Case for Josh Reynolds

As the Los Angeles Rams’ primary receiver, Robert Woods averaged nearly six receptions and 80 yards per game in 2017. He also caught four touchdowns. But when we look at his numbers from a per-target perspective, they’re not as impressive: he caught just 60% of his targets and averaged 10.2 yards per reception.


Josh Reynolds, on the other hand, saw limited playing time as the team’s third receiver but still managed to catch 30% of his targets and average 16.6 yards per reception. He also caught two touchdowns.

So who is the better receiver? It’s tough to say definitively, but we can make a case for Josh Reynolds based on his production relative to his opportunity. Given that he saw considerably less playing time than Woods, the fact that he was able to produce at a similar level is impressive. And while Woods has been more consistent over the course of his career, Reynolds has shown more upside with his limited opportunities.

The Case for Robert Woods

In any sport, the key to success is having a reliable player that you can count on week in and week out. In the NFL, that player is often a wide receiver. For the Los Angeles Rams, that player is Robert Woods.

Woods has been a model of consistency since joining the Rams in 2017. In his three seasons with the team, he has caught at least 60 passes and racked up over 750 receiving yards in each campaign. He has also been a dependable target in the red zone, scoring 18 touchdowns over that span.


While Josh Reynolds has shown flashes of potential, he has not been able to match Woods’ production or reliability. In his three years with the Rams, Reynolds has yet to eclipse 500 receiving yards in a season. He also only has nine career touchdown catches.

Simply put, Woods is the better receiver and more valuable asset to the Rams offense. He may not be the most flashy player, but he gets the job done week after week. That’s why he is worth every penny of his contract extension and then some.

The matchup between the two

In any given week, there are a multitude of wide receiver vs. cornerback matchups to choose from when setting your lineup. But which ones offer the mostbang for your buck? We take a look at two such WRs in Josh Reynolds and Robert Woods, and try to determine which one is the better play.

Reynolds, the Los Angeles Rams’ second-year receiver out of Texas A&M, has turned heads this season with his play. In just his second year in the league, he’s already surpassed his rookie totals in catches (34) and yards (511) while adding four touchdowns. He’s shown great chemistry with quarterback Jared Goff, and has been a key piece of the Rams’ offense all season.

Woods, meanwhile, has been quietly putting together a solid season for the Buffalo Bills. The fourth-year pro has career highs in catches (58) and yards (751) while finding the end zone five times. He’s been a dependable target for quarterback Tyrod Taylor all season, and has helped keep the Bills’ passing attack afloat despite some struggles from other players in the unit.

So who is the better fantasy football play? It’s actually a close call, but we give the slight edge to Reynolds. Here’s why:

First and foremost, Reynolds has more upside than Woods. He’s averaging nearly 15 yards per catch this season, compared to just over 13 for Woods. That extra yardage can make a

Who will win?

In a battle of Rams wide receivers, who will come out on top? Josh Reynolds or Robert Woods?

Reynolds is the younger receiver, and he has shown flashes of brilliance. He had a great game against the Saints in Week 9, catching four passes for 80 yards and a touchdown.

Woods is the more experienced receiver, and he has been more consistent this season. He has caught at least five passes in eight of the Rams’ nine games.

So who will win this matchup? It’s tough to say. Reynolds has the potential to be a great receiver, but Woods has been the more reliable player this season.


In conclusion, Josh Reynolds and Robert Woods are both excellent wide receivers for the Los Angeles Rams. While there is no clear answer as to which one is better, it can be said that each receiver brings something unique to the team’s offense. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference when deciding between these two great players. Lastly, we wish them both luck in their upcoming season with the Rams!


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