If you are also searching about How to Unlock a Car Door With a Screwdriver, you may have experience with this situation or heard about it from someone. At some point in our lives, we’ve all been locked out of our cars. It’s an issue that will inevitably arise at some point. We can forget or lose our keys inside, resulting in a lockout.

So, you have to know how we get back inside the car and the required tools to unlock the car door. You can also call a locksmith by searching for an auto locksmith near me. There are many ways to get back into your car, but you can use a screwdriver to unlock the door of your vehicle.

Protect Yourself

Safety should be your priority before starting anything. However, your car might get some scratches from the screwdriver, so you should be careful. The most important thing is always to use gloves to protect your fingers and hands because you can hurt yourself with a slipping screwdriver.

A Coin in the Handle

This one isn’t about how to get into your automobile; it’s about how to keep your car safe. If you find a penny or any coin in the door handle of your automobile, you should call the cops because someone is probably up to no good.

You press the key button, believing the car is safe; however, a coin put in this position will prevent the lock from working correctly. If you ever found a coin in the handle of your car then do not forget to take precautions.

Common and Fixed Tools

So we’ll show you how to unlock a car door with a screwdriver in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner. However, no matter which method you use, some fixed elements do not alter. These are the equipment you’ll need, including a screwdriver to wedge the door open so you can enter too. A long metal ruler or a wire coat hanger that is both tall and robust enough is frequently used as this tool.

In addition, the initial step is always the same: you must discover the unlock key. Electric and manual keys are the two types of unlock keys that you can find in most vehicles. Older types only have manual keys, usually found on the top of each doorway, and you can use them to open each door individually.

New Model Cars Locks

There are two sorts of unlock keys in newer models. You can find the most automatic unlock car keys in the driver’s panel on the left-hand side door. You should also find a particular door, such as the driver’s door. If your automobile does not have automatic or electric, unlock keys or positioned in the middle, choose that door. You should also consider if you are a right- or left-handed person.

If you are right-handed, you can try opening the driver’s door first, but if you are left-handed, you should try to open the passenger’s door first.

Process of Unlocking a Car Door With a Screwdriver

Find the Unlock Key

It’s pretty simple to do because we’re all so familiar with our favorite automobiles. And you understand the position of every button or nook.

Wedge the Door and Frame Apart

To make some space, you must insert the screwdriver or ruler between the door and the frame of your car.

As you read before, you must be extremely careful when wedging the door. Because using a screwdriver to wedge the door puts a lot of pressure on both the door and the locking mechanism. It can cause the locking mechanism to crack or even bend the door.

Now all you have to do now is carefully slip the screwdriver into the upper side of the door. It would help if you pressed the screwdriver further than the rubber seal on your car until you see its tip inside. You can also call a car locksmith in Chicago to get yourself out of this situation.

Stay as far away from the joints as possible because this is the area where the locking mechanism and hinges will apply the least amount of pressure while simultaneously providing maximum space.

Push the Unlock Button by Sliding the Tool

As we discussed it, the essential item to use is a thin wire clothes hanger. Because it is long, sturdy, and you can bend it in various ways. As a result, you’ll need to adjust your wedge to the direction in which you’ll be placing your tool. The electronic unlock keys are the easiest to use because all you have to do is push them down. After pushing them, your automobile door will open.

If you can’t hit the electronic keys, you’ll have to attempt opening the manual ones. It will require you to move your wire hanger around until you can pull the key out and open your car.

Remove the Screwdriver and Wedge Before Opening

You cannot overstate the importance of this step, especially if you open the car door with the screwdriver and tool still inside. You may break the locking system of the car. Repairing it is prohibitively expensive. As a result, it’s critical first to remove the tool you placed. So, remove the screwdriver, and finally open the door when it returns to its regular position.

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