Instagram is a social media application where you can post videos and photos. Since last year Facebook updated a new shop feature that allows every social media user to develop their business. Entrepreneurs sell their products through social media even if they don’t have any websites. The Instagram algorithm decides the best content and helps it to rank in the top position on the Instagram explore page. In this article let’s know about how the Instagram algorithm works in your stories, reels, feeds, and IGTV.


The Instagram algorithm is created for users to find the best content to watch. You can see the most updated first. The IG algorithm has some ranking factors which make every user customize the usage and what they like to watch. The Instagram algorithm makes changes similarly along with the trends. Instagram has broken the IG algorithm to bring content to their feeds. 


There are six types of ranking principles, let’s know about them 


If you like to watch videos related to cricket or football, then Instagram shows you the most engaging videos of cricket or football to your interest. 


Instagram algorithm discovers how many followers do you have and what would you like to see in your interest. If a user similarly watches the creator’s post it helps to show more videos posted by the creator. 


 It is the time spent on Instagram. If you spend more time on Instagram, the explorer page shows you the latest updates you haven’t watched yet. If you spend some time, it will show the posts which you like, not the newer ones.


The Instagram algorithm considers a variety of content posted on users’ feeds. If you follow the popular creators on Instagram you can watch a variety of content posted by them. 


The Instagram algorithm considers the number of accounts you follow to give preference posts to your feeds. If you follow more creators you can watch only a few posts from specific creators. 


Instagram updates quickly. When you update the application it shows the most trending post of videos and photos on top of your feed. It has a timeline to check the posts whether the user is still interested. Instagram shows the new post on the top of the user’s feed page. 


Instagram algorithm has discovered how key factors affect the content on the feed.

It gains the information about the post by finding the trending posts, likes got to the post, time of publishing, posted from where. Then it gets the information of content, how much engagement the creator gets, how good the creator’s followers are. Instagram understands the users what they are interested to watch.

Users link with content creators; Instagram checks the interaction between users and content creators by spending a few seconds on the post, liking the post, commenting on the post, saving the posts, clicking on a profile picture to see the tagged post.  

IG algorithm has some factors like avoiding showing the posts of the same person continuously, If any content does not observe the rules it automatically moves down. If you post accurate content continuously it does not appear on the user’s feed. 


Instagram stories that appear on the top of your Instagram page. Instagram engages through likes, shares, comments, views, tags, and DMs, etc. When you try to develop your business you need to contribute to uploading Instagram stories. Posting stories continuously helps to develop your brand by making it visible to more people. It makes you active all time and viewers watch frequently. Use popular and perfect hashtags and locations to get more reach among the users and the timing of posting your story is also important. So post your stories at a different time every day because the recently posted stories appear first on users’ feeds. Use the given filters to make your story creative and fun which entertains the viewers as well as develops your brand.


Instagram algorithms for reels make an easy way to develop your brands by posting videos about the products. If you like, share, comment on any reels or IGTV videos it gives information to the Instagram algorithm to show more videos of that account. Post your reels on your story to gain more reach to your video, helps to notify the followers that you have posted a new reel. Using proper and trending hashtags on your reels helps to gain more traffic to your reels. You can watch the reels of other users even if you don’t follow them. The Instagram algorithm checks the likes, comments, shares of the reels that users watched recently and shows more videos related to the same content. Instagram looks for relevant videos which engage with the users, if you don’t even like, share, comment, and watch the video repeatedly it will later appear on your feed. Instagram sees the audio which is used for your video is currently trending or not and the content which is good to rank them in top position. Instagram avoids the reels in low quality, with watermarks, based on politics, contents by government or government parties. 


IGTV is a long-form video format, you can share videos between 15 minutes on mobile and 1 hour on a website. With the use of IGTV, you can publish interview-related videos, series, and funny videos. Create a vertical form of videos to post on IGTV, it gives an attraction to audiences and helps them to watch easier. To give an announcement of your IGTV video, post any part of the videos in your feed, story, or live to tell the audience that you have posted a video on IGTV. If the audiences are willing to watch your video on IGTV, then it brings more traffic to your account and increases the engagement rate. When you come to know that your video has not been getting engaged, get IGTV likes to gain more engagement to your new IGTV video. Where every person on Instagram uses this process to increase their engagement rate. Add subtitles related to your content on your IGTV videos, which make your content easily observed by the people who turned off their sounds, and the people with hearing disabilities. You can also promote your brands by giving a brief explanation about your product to the audience. At last, add the correct hashtags that suit your content because some people watch the videos by searching the hashtags on the discovery page. 


The Instagram algorithm gives you an excellent experience on using Instagram. If you provide good content you don’t need to worry about the Instagram algorithm change. If you create good feed posts, stories, reels, and IGTV videos Instagram algorithm helps you to increase the engagement rate and brings traffic to your posts. Linking to the audiences is the best hack to Instagram algorithms and helps to develop your brands. These are the Instagram algorithms.


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