You have a flourishing business. The market is responding to your products. Your website is getting steady traffic. You are planning new products or newer versions of the existing products. Overall, you are busy with business. Now, it’s time to focus on branding. Without branding, it’s tough to survive in the long run. Branding is the lifeline of your business. It attributes a status and identity to your business. It’s a way to stand out in the crowd.

Use custom print on t shirt as useful stuff for branding. You can use a t-shirt in hundreds of different ways to promote your brand or products. Try custom business t-shirts for staff members. This is an inexpensive yet extremely effective way to brand. Custom t-shirts for staff have multiple other benefits as well.

Let’s find how to create custom t-shirts for your staff:

  • Figure out why you need t-shirts for your staff

There is no dearth of reasons why you need tees for employees. In any case, it will alleviate brand awareness. Here are a few reasons why you need business t-shirts for staff members –

  • Promotion

Promotional t-shirts are aimed at brand awareness. When your marketing or technical team moves around the city wearing these tees, thousands of people come to know about your brand. These t-shirts make everyone wearing the t-shirts a walking advertisement. Couple with brand logo, brand name, and a powerful slogan or image onlookers get powerful messages.

  • Team bonding

When everyone wears the same t-shirts with the company logo and same slogans, they feel camaraderie with one another. Business t-shirts for staff are a great way to strengthen team bonding.

  • Improves the brand values

A picture can say thousands of words. It makes business tees a perfect medium of representing the brand. With strategic images and appropriate text, a t-shirt design tells many things about your brand. When your employees wear these t-shirts, the effectiveness of the t-shirts multiplies. 

We often see that the big brands with multiple branches across the country distributed custom t-shirts among the employees during an event, conference, meetings A custom print t shirt with a specific image or slogan can spread solidarity among the employees.

  • Be specific about your budget and quantity

The quantities of t-shirts you require directly affect your budget for it and the quality of the t-shirt print. Some t-shirt printing processes are meant for bulk t-shirt printing only. When you order custom t-shirts in bulk, the price per unit decreases drastically while a small quantity order can increase the price per unit to some extent. In any case, discuss everything regarding custom print and minimum order requirements with the t-shirt printing service provider. They can tell help you with all information in detail. Keep in mind that –

  • The bigger the order lower the price per unit
  • More intense the text and image higher the price per unit
  • Richer the print quality lengthier the longevity
  • Know the printing options

There are several ways of printing t-shirts. However, the technical issues may be intimidating and sometimes confusing. You need the advice of the respective service provider. Here are the most popular t-shirt printing options –

  • Screen printing

Screen printing is the most used and cost-effective option for t-shirt printing. When the custom t-shirt for staff members or any other reasons needed in large quantities and t-shirts are meant for a specific event or purpose like a new product launching or a new branch opening, screen printing is the best option.

  • Vinyl graphics

This is comparatively an expensive printing option. However, when you are planning t-shirts for a few staff members like for a team or department or when the t-shirt is meant for longer use, vinyl print is a good option. Vinyl print also helps to create rich text and colorful images.

  • Print on demand

This is also known as direct to garment printing (DTG). This print is accomplished with the help of an inkjet printer and they are printed directly on the fabrics. DTG offers the best quality printing but it is expensive too.

  • Work on your design concept

As these custom business t-shirts are meant for your staff, you cannot be casual in matters of contents, qualities, and look.

  • Fix the fabric type to be used. If the t-shirts are meant for factory workers or marketing people, the fabric must be as smooth and airy as possible. Ask the service provider which fabric would be suitable for the staff.
  • Decide on the t-shirt style – whether it would be with or without color, whether it would be round neck or V-neck, and whether it would be short sleeve or long sleeve, etc.
  • Decide on images and texts, t-shirt styles, t-shirt typography, and t-shirt color theme.

When everything is fixed, place your order with a reputed t-shirt printing service provider, Discuss with them the timeline by which you need the product and how they will deliver the order? Custom print t shirt for staff will be highly appreciated in your organization.


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