According to Gigi Catalin Neculai,  This previous year, digitization change turned into a reality for organizations of various types as the worldwide pandemic sped up the speed of progress by years. 

The strategies you were utilized to direct your Digital marketing plan already may now be obsolete, while completely new trends have jumped up to order of our consideration.

The needs and behaviour of consumers have changed drastically. In this post, we shared the latest trends in digital marketing shared by a veteran digital marketer, Gigi Catalin Neculai.

Changes in Consumer Behavior

McKinsey tracked down that the pandemic sped up online business reception by 10 years in only 3 months. 

Indeed, 60% of organizations across the globe saw new purchasing practices over this previous year. An opportunity to turn and stay aware of the interest for speedy and simple internet ordering, curbside pickup, and contactless conveyance has passed. 

Presently, organizations are hoping to fabricate security and versatility for what’s to come. 

IBM’s Institute for Business Value report finds that changing to a stronger framework is a need for 52% of retail owners, close by sending contactless versatile payment (47%) and making a more robust selling framework(45%).

Content Quality and Frequency

More is in every case better, particularly with regards to the content. That is the reason any procedure to scale content marketing should factor in both frequency and quality in equivalent measures. 

In case you’re placing meticulous work and consideration into your content, however, you are posting one time per month, you’re passing up such countless opportunities to show up in search, social, email, and different channels when contrasted with your more competitors.

Deliver Connected Digital Experiences

In its new State of the Connected Customer overview, Salesforce tracked down that 80% of clients accept the experience they have with an organization is similarly pretty much as significant as its items and services. Learn more with Gigi Catalin Neculai.

Regardless of whether they’re connecting with an AI support bot, conversing with customer support executives on the telephone, or managing sales, clients expect that specialists will approach with full information about them. 

They expect that every single interaction will refocus – that they need not to start from the very beginning again every time they interact with the brand. 

A similar report additionally found 62% of clients say their involvement in one industry impacts their assumption for others.

Intelligent Automation in Digital Marketing

SEO experts and digital marketers are finding that essentially automating assignments to diminish redundancy is presently insufficient. 

A key digital marketing trend is that the number of buyer connections and touch-points have focused. The volume of information we need to break down is enormous. 

Thus, machine learning, AI, and robotic process automation (RPA) are altogether discovering their direction into SEO and advanced marketing workflows. 

Clever automation implies relinquishing the need to settle on each and every choice. 

It implies enabling machines to not just make a move in pre-customized but to really find out about and become acquainted with every client in manners we, as we humans, essentially can’t do at scale.

PPC and SEO Together

It’s insufficient that PPC and SEO teams just know what the other is doing. Going ahead, paid and organic traffic is valid sidekicks; one should get back on track with the other. The two groups should share comprehension of accessible SERPs components and arrangements on the brand’s most important brand. 

They should work together to ensure the most effective strategy on those terms while restricting expenses to boost ROI.


Trends in digital marketing and SEO provides us with a deep insight into the overall heading where something is creating, changing, or moving, says Gigi Catalin Neculai

It’s not a guide; there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the elements referenced previously. 

Yet, watch out for them.

Evaluate the possible effect on your marketing and the business in general.


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