Santosh is a highly qualified man who loves Sanjana but could not marry her because his parents were against this marriage. Helplessly, Santos looked forward to online astrology, which helped him solve the problems in his love life. In this process, he came across this love marriage astrology online, and luckily all his problems got solved just by consulting free horoscope prediction. By following exactly the steps and procedures, he married the love of his life.

Later, his parents also got convinced about his marriage. Nowadays, it has been seen that, on average, out of 100 people, 70% of married couples face problems in their marital life. This could further cause depression and a lack of understanding among each other. With the help of this love marriage prediction, one can solve his problems by following the steps suggested by the free marriage horoscope.

This online marriage astrology can also predict all problems you will have if you marry someone unsuitable or perfect for you. Along with the problems, it also provides the solutions or remedies you can follow to neutralize the problems you might be facing in your marital life.

What indicates love marriage in astrology?

Various things of conditions denote love marriage in astrology, and they are:-

  • In astrology, when the planets like Rahu and Venus are in the same house as the 7th house, it indicates the occurrence of love marriage or inter-caste or inter-religion marriage.
  • Generally, the planet Venus is responsible for various ups and downs in the love life.
  • The 7th house in your birth chart indicates the marriage and the type of marriage you will have.
  • These houses also predict the character and the nature of your partner to some extent.
  • The presence of Rahu in the 7th house makes the person romantic and more inclined towards love.
  • You can know your details regarding love marriage astrology through various online websites like free astrology predictions for marriage.
  • Such predictions also denote the various characteristics of a love marriage.
  • It also tells about the various Milans needed to be matched to have a successful marital life.
  • There are a total of 8 Milans, which is predicted through online Kundli matching.

 It has also been seen that these online predictions have largely helped several people overcome their problems related to their marriage and overcoming them.

Various things related to love marriage astrology

Various criteria are related to love marriage in astrology, and they are

  • In this situation, when the 5th Lord is placed in the 7th house and vice versa in a water zodiac sign, this indicates that the native will have a love marriage.
  • There are also various zodiac signs whose matching can predict the native’s love marriage through online astrology prediction.
  • There are also various lagnas whose matching can be predicted just by giving the name, place, and time of birth of the person. In the love marriage if you want to know about love marriage astrology? Then explore things.
  • It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but we can predict them to some extent with the help of marriage predictions online through various positions of planets in the native birth chart.
  • The presence of certain planets in the certain house of your birth chart indicates which kind of people or personality you will get attracted to. You can also predict that if you are in a relationship with someone will that lead to a marriage or not from your Kundli itself.

Thus, various things make your love life easier through this love marriage astrology.

Depth into the love marriage astrology

There is a term Ashta Koota Milan which means the yogas of both the bride and groom should be matched to have a successful marital life. A proper insight into these properties is essential for a happy married life. You can all predict through love predictions online.

If the points matched are below 18, then the marriages are not recommended. If it is between 25to 32, then the chances are high and a good to very good couple’s match. Beyond 32 indicates an extraordinary match of the couples’ birth charts as there is a total of 35points given. You can know all these with the help of free astrology predictions. The eight factors are as follows:-

  • Varna- It represents the spiritual development of the natives as well as their partner. It also depicts the nature and harmony between them.
  • Vasya- This criterion means the power flow between the partners. Generally, the Vashya of the bride should be lower than that of the groom.
  • Yoni-It represents the physical linkage between the bride and the groom.
  • Graha Maitri- This factor signifies the friendship between both the people in the couple. It also signifies the compatibility of both of the mentalities.
  • Gana-There are a total of 3 ganas, and they are Manav Gana, Deva Gana, and rakshasa gana. It reflects the temperament matching of both of them in love marriage astrology.
  • Rasi-This means the zodiac or the moon positions in each of them.
  • Nadi-It predicts children and also health-related issues in the marital life through Kundli matching for marriage.

Ashta Koota Compatibility is one of the ways of predicting love marriage, among others. Planets like Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn play a huge importance in marriages.

Problems related to love marriage astrology

Various problems occurred when certain planets played the malefic rules in the birth chart in the 7th or 5th house. This leads to various dashas like Manglik dosha, Shani dosha,kalsarpa dosha, and many more. In certain cases, if Manglik marries a non-Manglik, then at extreme conditions, it may lead to the death of the partners. So it becomes very necessary to do certain remedies to overcome these doshas, which can have adverse effects on your marital life. You can get the remedies through an online astrology service and get a perfect and happy marriage life. Some of these doshas are:-

  • When planets like Rahu and Ketu are placed at a straight angle, and no other planets appear in positions other than in between them, it indicates Kaal sarpa dosha. It leads to serious problems in marriage and causes disharmony and violence. You can know all these dashas accurately through accurate marriage predictions free.
  • The Manglik dosha is predicted by the position of the planet Mars in either the Lagna Chart, moon chart, or Venus chart. Through this, the potency or the effect of mangal dosha is predicted, whether high or low.

If there are problems, they come with their remedies too, which can be followed to eliminate these Doshas.

Remedies for love marriage astrology

The remedies of various doses are as follows:-

For Kaal sarpa dosha, you can chant Maha Mrutunjaya Mantra each day, visit Lord Shiva Temple, do Abhishek 101 times, and learn about more remedies through accurate astrology prediction free.

For mangal dosha, you need to perform Kumbh Vivah for Mangal Shanti puja. You can also worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays to nullify this dosha.

For Shani dosha, you can worship Lord Shani on Saturdays to please him.

You can get over your Doshas and lead a happy and peaceful marital life by following such remedies. With the help of these steps and guidelines that are being provided online, you will be able to get someone perfect for yourself and lead a happy life forever.


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