We have all heard the phrase, “You need to change your attitude.” But does it apply to our workplace? An organization, its brand identity, and its employees all hold a certain “attitude’. Research has shown that fostering positive attitudes in a workplace can improve employee cohesiveness, productivity, empowerment, and happiness. So how exactly does attitude affect an organization and its elements as a whole? Let’s find out with this brief analysis down below.

Factors affecting the attitude of an organization

When we hear the term “attitude,” we tend to associate it with a living entity or a person. However, attitude can also apply to the different aspects of a company or an organization, as given below.

  • Workplace attitude

This is the way employees interact with one another and towards the company in general. The way they uphold company or personal values while contributing to their organization’s growth can be considered workplace or employee attitude.

  • Management attitude

This is the way the company looks upon its employees in particular and treats them. This can be applicable in a hierarchical manner where the top management treats their juniors in a manner carried down from the management towards the basic staff.

  • Brand or service attitude

This is the kind of attitude the company holds towards its customers. It can be how the company treats customers, looks after their interests communicate with them, and resolves disputes. All these three attitudes overlap and affect one other, which ultimately forms the company’s overall attitude or organizational attitude.

Organizational attitude – A brief insight

Recently, Google came into the news when it was found that they kept people whose sole responsibility was to keep their employees happy and satisfied. Just looking at some of the pictures of Google’s offices gives us a positive vibe and makes us want to be a part of them. The success of Google can be attributed to this culture or attitude they have. The way employees treat one another in a company, how the management and the company treat them, and how the company treats their customers all affect one another to form the unique culture or attitude. For example, if a company’s managers or top executives treat employees in a derogatory manner, the same would be carried forward by the employees. At the same time, such an attitude while serving customers can contribute to a negative brand image. Thus, an attitude adjustment can often be critical for an organization to thrive and survive in a rapidly changing industry, evolving and moving forward. This can only be made possible by involving the greatest assets a company has: its workforce. People are the greatest asset and chief currency of any organization or business. With research showing that around 80% of a company’s profits come from its employees, it is vital to ensure that your employees are engaged, motivated, and empowered.

Does Your Organization Need An Attitude Change? 3 Ways to Find Out

If your company or brand hasn’t been doing so well with all measures in place, it may be time to change your organizational attitude. There are means by which you can find out if your company needs one.

  1. Employee survey

This is the most effective method of finding out whether your employees are happy and satisfied. You can also get great recommendations to improve current employment conditions and increase workplace satisfaction and productivity.

  • HR survey

Try to find out how many people joined your company and how many of them left within a specific time frame. For example, do you have any employees working for you for more than a year or two? Are you always needing to hire fresh recruits? A bit of a hr assignment help survey will tell you whether employees find your company suitable for them or not.

  • Customer feedback

Your customer feedback says a lot about the way your employees treat them. If you have been getting negative feedback lately, it might be time for an attitude adjustment.

How to Improve Your Organizational Attitude?

People tend to influence other people. For example, entrepreneur John Rohn stated that every person spends time with an average of five people. Thus, if you are surrounded by negative energy, it is more likely to spread. An organization needs to ensure that its employees are happy and satisfied. Thus, as a business owner, your major responsibilities will include employee satisfaction and productivity. This can be made possible by delivering the right attitude to them in the ways mentioned below.

  1. Give your employees purpose

Your employees want to feel that they are a part of or associated with something larger than them. Therefore, they need to have a definitive sense of purpose to work productively. If their work feels too strenuous or unrewarding, they probably will not take it too seriously. Make sure that you share your brand’s purpose with them and let every one of them know that they are all equally contributing towards the greater good.

  • Deliver a performance review driven by values

Your organization should have a set of values that state the correct way for your employees to carry out their duties every day. However, those ideologies can get forgotten with daily activities. This is why you should try to remind them of how they should be carrying out their tasks. Make sure you let them know that their performance is not just measured with numbers. It also includes how they lived out your company values.

  • Treat your workforce well

Although we all are acquainted with the golden rule, “treat people how you want to be treated,” something lesser-known applies to corporations and businesses in particular. Treat your workforce how you want them to treat all your customers. If you want your customers to be cared for and feel good, you should start finding new ways to treat your employees better. The more rewarded and respected they feel, the more they will impart the same to your customers. You can also find out ways in which you can assist your employees to perform better. For example, you can find ways to educate or train your employees more in areas like finance, economics, industrial communication and provide them with assignment help resources like economics assignment help at your own cost.

Final thoughts

In the post-pandemic world, people are more driven towards values, and the need for a positive attitude is more thane ever. If your company or organization holds the correct mindset, then your brand can spearhead ahead of your competitors and earn you a marketplace few others have been able to achieve. Thus, fostering the right kind of attitude in a workplace is essential for any company to thrive and succeed in the long run.

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