Many people are thinking about getting their teeth whitened since there are so many tempting products on the market. However, there have been allegations that such products are ineffective. Instead, coming to a dentist for treatment is the best option. So, which of them is the best option? Should a patient go for the convenient at-home whitening or the one provided by a dentist’s office?

Patients frequently inquire about teeth whitening at Smile Clinic London. Our highly qualified Smile clinic London teeth whitening dentists will not only remove stains from your teeth but will also help you maintain proper dental hygiene.

Fact 1 – Dental hygiene is similar to your skincare routine.

You would assume teeth to be rock-hard and so impenetrable, but you’d be wrong. Your teeth are porous, with hundreds of microscopic pores, much like your skin. As a result, anything you eat or drink is absorbed into your teeth via these minute holes. Teeth whitening therapy works by causing a chemical reaction, breaking up and eliminating that have made their way up and out through these same pores. As a result, teeth whitening would be impossible without pores.

Fact 2– Whitening is safe if done correctly.

Professional teeth whitening is not permitted unless performed by a licensed dental practitioner. You may notice a sign at your salon providing therapy, but be aware that this can lead to a slew of problems and that you are putting yourself at risk. A professional will consult with you to determine which therapy is best for you and design your treatment plan to achieve your desired outcome.

Compared to teeth whitening methods performed by individuals, those achieved under the watchful eyes and professional hands are undeniably safer. Furthermore, if followed, guidelines will be given that may ensure that the teeth and other oral tissues are not at risk.

Contrary to popular belief, professional teeth whitening does not hurt teeth. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening remineralises and rehydrates teeth. However, problems might arise when people abuse store-bought goods, so it’s critical to read and follow the guidelines at all times.

Fact 3– Sensitivity may intensify following tooth whitening.

Following a teeth whitening process, the teeth will feel more sensitive than usual. This condition is caused by tooth dehydration, lasting up to 36 hours. People who choose a professional approach should feel at ease since the dentist can administer or prescribe a strategy to alleviate sensitivity.

You’ve undoubtedly heard stories of friends going through teeth whitening therapy only to be told that it hurts like hell! The issue is that many people have sensitive teeth. This might be due to inheritance, cracked/damaged teeth, or enamel deterioration. However, many people are unaware of this at the moment. So they go out and buy the next best over-the-counter cure to whiten their teeth. It stings, it stings, it stings, it stings, it stings,

In contrast, if you select professional teeth whitening, you will always be examined by your dentist or hygienist first. They’ll know from previous experience if you’ll be sensitive to teeth whitening treatments and may even suggest fixing the issue before any treatment begins. This way, when you do eventually have professional teeth whitening, it will be a comfortable operation.

Fact 4 – It needs a professional process to achieve great teeth whitening results.

Most whitening treatments use the same active ingredients, but the critical difference between successful and ineffective teeth whitening treatment is the route of administration.

Several over-the-counter whitening products use a one-size-fits-all tray placed over the teeth. This is the container in which the whitening gel is kept. The issue is that each tooth is unique. As a result, consumers are likely to experience inadequate or uneven whitening.

In contrast, when a tray is custom-made to fit your teeth (similar to those seen in professional whitening kits), you have a better chance of achieving a more even whitening effect.

Fact 5– Custom-fitted trays and kits are significantly more costly.

This is entirely correct and understandable. Let me ask you a question… What is another whitening process customised just for you to fit your mouth and improve your smile? Making thousands of one-size-fits-all trays is simple, but it becomes more time consuming and complicated when each teeth whitening tray is custom-made for the individual in question.

Whitening trays are a more expensive method of whitening your teeth, but they can be more effective than whitening strips or toothpaste can. You fill the tray with whitening gel and wear it for 30 minutes a day to overnight for several weeks.

Over-the-counter whitening tray kits generally include trays that are difficult to use and do not correctly fit your teeth. If your dentist offers this service, they can custom-make whitening trays to fit your teeth, allowing you to use less gel and have a more comfortable fit.

Professional teeth whitening is always just temporary Now.

No one whitening treatment permanently whiten your teeth! We’ve previously discussed porous teeth and acquire stains from coloured foods, drinks, and smoking. Of course, how long it lasts depends on what you eat, but you may expect to return for another whitening treatment every six months to 2 years on average.

Smile Clinic offers teeth whitening in London.

Before beginning professional teeth whitening treatment, we meet our patients and address any questions. Our dentists are kind and professional. They ensure that the examination and treatment are carried out in a relaxing environment so that you leave the clinic with a gleaming and appealing smile. With our knowledgeable team, tooth whitening in London has never been more accessible.


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