When the summer season ends, it gives way to the transitional season until the arrival of winter, that is, to autumn. This cold phase is characterized by its descending temperatures, by the appearance of those reddish and yellowish dry leaves that fall and strip the trees and by lengthening the nights.

One of the qualities that we find in autumn is its rich diet. As this rainy season is a time of environmental change, all this also affects the body of each one of us. To take care of ourselves and thus be able to adapt to this phase, we find some very healthy seasonal foods full of properties and vitamins that can strengthen us to combat these harsh temperatures.

Therefore, below we leave you five essential foods to take care of yourself in autumn, ideal to include in your weekly menu and these being easy to process at home to make creams and jams thanks to Kenwood kitchen robots.

Essential foods to take care of yourself in autumn

  1. Grenades
    Pomegranates as a healthy fall food

These fruits from the pomegranate are characterized by being one of those that contain the most medicinal properties, since they are rich in vitamins, highlighting vitamin C, and polyphenols, which are highly antioxidant chemicals that protect cells, and also prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Likewise, they also improve digestion, memory, blood pressure, fertility and physical resistance thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

  1. Mushrooms
    Mushroom soup with Kenwood’s multipro

Mushrooms, being the fruiting bodies of fungi that appear in the form of an “umbrella”, can be edible or poisonous. We advise you that, if you do not have enough knowledge about these, do not go to harvest them.

This delicious food, favoured by the autumn rains, is mainly composed of water, which is low in calories. Its main sustenance is lignin, which is a source of fibre that causes a high sensation of satiety and improves the diversity of the intestinal flora. They also contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, among others, and help reduce cholesterol.

Make an exquisite homemade mushroom cream, simple and easy to make, and add ingredients such as leeks and a clove of garlic to make it tastier. We recommend the kitchen robot called kCook Multi CCL401WH from Kenwood to develop your mushroom cream in the fastest and most efficient way.

  1. Grapes
    Grapes as a healthy fall food

These fruits originate from the clusters of the vine and, being berries, are rich in phytonutrients. Being made up of 80% water, they are considered a cleansing and antioxidant food with a low glycemic index.

Similarly, grapes delay wrinkles, take care of the eyes and the heart, and prevent poisoning and kidney disease.

  1. Figs
    Figs as a healthy fall food

Figs are the sweet fruits obtained from the fig tree that have the most medicinal properties. This food cannot be consumed until it is fully mature, where all its benefits are on the rise, and it has a very short period of time.

These antioxidant fruits are ideal for athletes, since they are a powerful source of energy, apart from strengthening our bones and helping against cholesterol. In addition, they fight constipation by being a natural laxative, they take care of the heart and keep the skin healthy.

Make your own delicious healthy fig jam at home, and add toppings like lemon juice to enhance its flavour. We recommend the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI kitchen robot to make and control your rich fig jam from its app.

  1. Eggplant
    Eggplant is a plant, where the fruit it produces is edible, which is rich in fiber and low in calories and which provides numerous nutrients. This can provide 5% of the daily needs of vitamin B-6, copper, manganese, thiamine and fiber that a person needs.

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant components, eggplant prevents cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol and cancer. Likewise, it also protects brain cells and takes care of eyesight.

What do you think of these five essential foods to enjoy healthy autumn? Do you know any other food?


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