Nowadays, the first choice of gadgets for the youth is the smartphone. Users spend most of their time on smartphones, so every Type Of Smartphone provides all kinds of facilities. All the things that make daily life easier are smartphones like Paying, Shopping, Entertaining, Other Productive Work. In this way, new smartphones are coming into the market with new features. All your work is done through the apps present on the smartphone, so sometimes they also occupy space in the phone. Due to limited memory, there is a problem in multitasking, due to which the phone starts hanging. In this, users start feeling the lack of RAM. But now, you will not feel the lack of RAM because its solution has also been found. Modern technology has found a way to overcome the shortage of RAM, which is named DRE (Dynamic RAM Expansion).

For the last few days, you must also be hearing about DRE. So today, let us see what DRE is?

What is DRE(Dynamic RAM Expansion)?

The main job of DRE Technology is to improve memory management. We also know this technology by the name of virtual RAM expansion. This technology is designed in such a way that it converts the internal storage of the phone into virtual RAM. With the help of this technology, virtual RAM uses the phone’s internal storage as temporary RAM. DRE helps to hold more apps in memory as compared to physical RAM. Many such phones in the market today can experience this kind of better technology. Among them, the name realme is first. realme 8 5G, realme Narzo 30 5G, realme X7 Max 5G, realme GT Master Edition, realme GT, realme 8s 5G, realme 8i, and realme GT Neo 2 are equipped with DRE technology.

How does DRE technology work?

We try to understand how DRE Technology works on your phone in simple words.
Whenever you tap an app on your phone to use it, the MMU (Memory Management Unit) has to decide where the app will go in RAM. When you finish working on one app and open another, then MMU plans space for new apps and old apps in RAM. This way, when you open different apps, they get stored in RAM. Then there comes a time when there is no space in RAM. After this, when you want to open a new app, the system will delete the oldest app you opened to make space. It means that the next time you open that old app, it will start from the beginning, not pick up where you left off.

Now let’s talk about if there is DRE technology, what will it do? If the phone has Virtual RAM or DRE technology, then when opening a new app in the absence of RAM, the system shifts to virtual memory instead of deleting the oldest app. With this, your phone will not hang, and at the same time, you will get your app open from where you left. According to the information, virtual RAM can be increased through OTA updates.

Why is DRE technology needed?

Just as new things are needed in every field with time, in the same way, DRE for multitasking has become a necessity. Nowadays, the way size of the apps is increasing; according to that, DRE technology has become the need of users. There are many functions of RAM in your phone. RAM stores data, help in multitasking and increases the phone’s speed. But till now, all Android phones have the size limit of RAM. Therefore, keeping in mind users’ multitasking, it was seen that physical RAM is no longer enough for users. Therefore, for better multitasking, the help of Virtual RAM or DRE technology is being taken.

In expanding the smartphone’s capabilities, DRE helps increase the RAM by using some storage like RAM. Through this, more active apps can be stored. When using the virtual memory feature on your smartphone, the phone allocates the amount of memory that you have selected as virtual. But then, to allocate space in the internal storage, you have to restart the phone.

Understand With Example.

For example, If you have 10 apps open on your Android Smartphone and there is not much space in the phone’s RAM, Android closes those following apps,

  • Not running in the background
  • There is no work in the background,
  • which has the lowest priority
  • The oldest of the ten apps is the app

In other words, a virtual being keeps those apps inside the memory which do not have any dynamic function in the background. Virtual RAM can keep that app in memory for a long time. Android system helps in this work with the help of virtual RAM. It considers which apps should be stored in virtual memory and which should not. The Android system will use the virtual RAM only when the physical RAM goes beyond its limits to handle the process.


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