Dating Someone With A Different Religion – How To Guide


In this era, with everyone being so busy in their lives, it is challenging to have a happy and healthy relationship with anyone. A clear example is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. People barely take out time for their families and friends. We all have become strictly self-centered, and we miss half of the things happening around us.

About 39% of people marry and date outside the religion. With all this chaos, if you are in a relationship and have a serious commitment to someone, it can get a little hard to handle. Now the silver lining, what if the person you are dating is not your religion? That’d be hectic, right? 

Here, in this article, we’ll be discussing couples who share different religions and how they manage to stay happy with this mess in their lives. 

How Does Dating Someone from a Different Religion Feels Like?

Our religion and beliefs matter a lot in every decision. Be it about relationships or any other situation in life. Talking about relationships, it can be pretty difficult to date a person who thinks outside of your customs, traditions, and beliefs. Not just for you both, you might work things out efficiently, but the people around you will take time to accept your relationship.

In many religions, people don’t take dating as a good thing, or in some cases dating in other casts or religions is against the norms. The fact that you both don’t follow the same faith will bamboozle the people, which is not the right thing. In short, being with someone outside your religion is like putting a bit of hot mashed potatoes in your mouth in public. You cannot spit or swallow.

A Guide To Date Someone From Different Religion

Here are 10 tips for you to help date a partner from a different religion. I have come up with these tips using my personal experience learning some strategies from the internet while searching to write my essay online UK on a similar topic.

1. Know about your partner’s religion

If you have spent most of your life in Western religion, you have lived among people with a broader and liberal mindset. You have a worldview to share with people openly. Now, if you have fallen in love with someone opposite your religion, things are about to change.

This advice is a little uncomfortable and might be difficult to follow, but it would help you a ton. You need to be two things, understandable and teachable. What does that mean? It means that you need to be willing to learn from your partner’s religion and make them understand yours. All the faith is somehow connected; it won’t be very nerve-wracking, but not easy.

2. Be respectful of the customs

Contempt can act as a murderer in these kinds of relationships. It totally kills the interfaith relationship. You need to be respectful of each other if you want to last long. It is ok not to agree to every point that your partner mentions. If you can’t accept it, don’t argue.

Try to talk and find a middle ground. Imagine this; your partner will never ever change their faith, and he wants you to understand that completely. What will you do? The solution is to talk. If that doesn’t work, just accept it and respect the decision.

3. Celebrate the differences

Don’t enter a relationship with interfaith with the thought in mind that love will heal. That is false. You can try to overcome your difficulties by talking with love, but that is it. You need to learn to accept the differences in your faiths and traditions. That will give you a chance to grow rather than making your life difficult. Cherish the moments.

Two religions mean more celebrations, more festivities and more days to enjoy your year. Give your relationship a beguiling opportunity to blossom into a more beautiful, long-lasting, and absolutely strong bond. Enjoy the uniqueness of both religions as much as you can.

4. Decide what works the best

There must be a bucket full of questions hitting you hard each and every day to ensure the quality of relationship life. Questions like, How will you raise your kids? Will you both invite each other to holy places? Would you practice each other’s religious services? And more queries like that.

Communication always works like the piece of the puzzle which was lost, and now that you’ve found it, everything is clear and complete. You can finally see the entire picture. Be open and honest about everything. Let your partner know about your thoughts and confusion. In future, let your kids decide what religion they want to follow. Teach them both equally until they are sane enough to choose wisely. Find solutions that are mutual rather than one being dominant.

5. Absorb the family pressure

Different tastes and different religions can have a successful marriage only if the families accept it calmly. Religious issues will rise. That is a definite thing. However, you need to stay calm. Try your best to make your family understand that differences do not matter.

Everyone needs to be on the same page on which you and your partner have agreed to spend your life. Don’t get annoyed and frustrated with the family pressure. Things would just stay alright. If you go against your families, you will face hardships moving ahead in future. In short, the family must be the priority.

6. Don’t take things personally

Being with someone against your religious views and ethics can be a little too overwhelming and stressful if you will let it play with your mind and heart. Take your time out and celebrate each other’s holy teachings.

Exploring religions is a good thing. It is beautiful. If your partner says anything about your religion, don’t let that hurt you. Your differences can act as a cause to make this relationship enjoyable. Find a comfortable way to have fun and make jokes with one another. This is also an easy way to understand your decision better.

7. Discuss spiritual awakenings

We understand that your religious views may not match one another. The families and friends will accept that, too, eventually. The only thing that will line up both religions is prayers. Spiritual awakenings and prayers are really important to have a piece of mind. Unlike all other customs and traditions, prayer is universal. There is no way to do it right for anyone. Yes, different religions have different means of worship, but everyone does it for a cause, for God.

However, there is no harm in respecting and following what you believe. As far as you and your partner are satisfied, there is no way to feel ashamed of praying the way you have been doing since birth.

8. No stress on future

Having differences is a good thing. You get to learn more and explore more. Couples should concentrate on the middle grounds of their relationship rather than spending time stressing over each other’s teachings. The differences can become the center focus of the relationship, but the couple needs to know that whatever suppresses the love, good or bad, has to go. You need to have a good relationship no matter what.  

9. Seek answers to difficult questions

Hard questions about interfaith relationships can be a nightmare. You don’t want to touch it until your relationship passes that uncomfortable and nervous phase. You gradually move towards clearing your doubts about your partners’ relationship.

Don’t ask questions like would you ever convert? Why are you in a specific religion? And more questions like that. This will portray you as a psychopath or extremist. Be cool and calm. Leave these questions as a choice of your “better half’s” decision. You’ll get your answers eventually.

10. Listen to one another

This is one of the most important points to stress upon. You need to listen to one another. Never take anything too seriously, and be patient. The couple needs to release the tensions by giving each other

space to keep their opinions. You need to be a good listener. This can still be easy as you know how the person in front of you will react to the specific answer to a question. It can be a hassle when the people outside your relationship raise questions, and you cannot ignore them. They can be your family or friends or maybe someone you barely meet. The best way out is clear answers and patience.

While Summing Up…

So, these are the best hacks to lead a smooth relationship if you are dating someone outside your religion. If you’ll pay attention to this point and take things seriously, you will eventually make your relationship the perfect duo to live in. If you are planning to continue your relationship towards a wedding and kids, you might face many complications. Just stay positive. That is all.

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