Chocolate is good for health, provides the body with antioxidants and various benefits, and there are many doctors and nutritionists who recommend its integration within a healthy and balanced diet.

chocolate is good for your health

Bar or melted, chocolate is one of the oldest foods in the world, which is impossible to resist.

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The health benefits of chocolate

Chocolate is a true ally of our health, it brings energy and a series of benefits, even very important ones, to the whole body.

Lower blood pressure

Dark chocolate, for example, contains flavonoids that stimulate the endothelium, the lining of the arteries. It acts as if you were doing half an hour of physical activity a day. In addition, it freezes nitric oxide, a gas which, among its functions, is to relax the arteries, improve blood flow and control blood pressure.

Improves memory and brain functions

If you eat chocolate with at least 60% cocoa, it brings benefits to the brain, with an improvement in cognitive functions, for those who already suffer from deterioration of the same. Its function is to stimulate the brain and reduce the risk of senile dementia and disorders such as Alzheimer’s. The caffeine and theobromine contained within it, improve concentration and memory.

Improves the mood

Chocolate is a mix of substances that help relax and lift the mood. It provides magnesium and tryptophan, the latter, an amino acid that stimulates the production of serotonin, the good mood hormone.

Increase good cholesterol

Cocoa is made up of stearic acid and oleic acid, the former is a type of saturated fat that prevents bad cholesterol levels in the blood from rising, while the latter is monounsaturated fat, which reduces them.

In addition, polyphenol, another substance contained in cocoa, acts positively in the body by increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Chocolate is able to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. There are several scientific studies that prove that consuming a square of dark chocolate a day reduces the risk of heart attack by almost 40% and that of stroke by 30%.

It works against tooth decay and plaque

It might seem strange, but research from the University of Osaka, Japan, published in the international magazine New Scientist, has shown that chocolate with 80% cocoa, is able to prevent cavities and plaque, thanks to some antibacterial substances such as fluoride. and phosphates.

Increase desire

Several types of research conducted by the University of Perugia have brought to light how cocoa has a positive and improving effect on libido.

In fact, it works by increasing desire, arousal and sexual function. In addition to being a mental issue, it is also a physical action, as cocoa improves blood flow and stimulates muscle relaxation.

Helps to lose weight

Even if you are on a diet, chocolate can be a good ally. In fact, indulging in a square of dark chocolate as a snack between meals helps to break hunger and satisfy the desire for something good. All without negatively impacting weight loss.

Dark or milk, the important thing is to eat it in moderation, a small amount every day is enough to bring energy to the body and enjoy the benefits that this food is able to give.


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