China has one of the most advanced technological countries in the world with the largest population in the world, so they used their children for their own development. There is nothing that is not in China. China has also decided to make the world’s most expensive things cheaper so that the poor can use the same.

Fastest computer

The age we are living in is the age of technology and computers. If we talk about the fastest computer in the world, then China has it. It is mounted on one hundred and fifty thousand 600 soldiers and it has 100.6 GB of computer RAM and 320,000 GB of computer storage on it. You can guess why this world’s longest-running computer cost about 73 2,073 million to build.

The world’s largest dam

The world’s largest dam is also located in China. The name of the three gorges team is 7,661 and its height is about 594 percent and it is about 377. The pair is so large that one-fifth of China’s total population needs water and electricity from just one dam. At the moment, it has the capacity to store about 40 million tons of water. If God willing, its bridge collapses, three hundred and fifty million people will lose their lives.

The World’s Largest Building

The World’s Largest Building, built in the China area, is the world’s largest building in terms of the New Century Global Center area. Its sincerity is 1.7 million km, making it the world’s largest court building.

Largest Railway

China has the largest railway network in the world and it is also the fastest railway network in the world with a train speed of up to 600 km per hour. We use Tareen instead of Plane to get to other cities because it is both cheap and fast. Railway Terminus 206 is a country with the longest and longest railway stations. China has also built its five-kilometer-long high-speed railway network through the rocks of the mountains. In addition, the top 10 in the world are in China to avoid traffic. Numerous projects are underway, including the driver of the Blood Prince metro bus. China Science has solved the traffic problem with the help of intercity. Transplant glasses have been installed on all three sides of this train so that the passengers can travel outside. Enjoy the view.

Electric Bus

Electric bus petrol-diesel-powered transport causes a lot of pollution, which is spreading diseases. China has also introduced the world’s first electric to eliminate pollution in its country, and about 9590 electric buses every month. China is also at the forefront of the world in eliminating diesel and petrol-powered vehicles and buses.

Solar Power Plant

Loading Solar Power Plant The world’s largest floating solar power plant has been built in Beijing, China, generating about 40 megawatts of electricity and meeting the needs of millions of people. At the forefront.


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