There was a time when stock trading was largely considered a kind of gambling and not many were ready to invest in the same. But over the years, things have changed considerably. Today, a large number of people have been investing in stock markets with an aim to gain an unmatched appreciation of the investment money. The best part is that there are lots of investment tools available for stock market investments. At the same time, it emerges as a great career opportunity in the Indian stock market for aspiring people looking to make a remarkable career.

A majority of stock-related transactions are done under the purview of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) which means one can look forward to a successful career in the field of stock marketing. In today’s time when almost all stock market activities have been approved and verified by the corresponding authorities, it is quite sensible to make a sound decision to step into the field and build a remarkable career. There are several career opportunities lying in this sector that could help you in having a fruitful career ahead.

Job Titles Available in The Stock Market

If you’re searching for a highly typical job in the stock market, there are different types of organizations you can choose to consider. Stock market contributors like Stock Broking Firms, Registrar, Stock Exchanges, Clearing businesses, Custodians, Mutual fund and pension fund firms, Investment Banking Institutions, Research institutes, etc. are some of the avenues where one can explore various stock market career opportunities.

There are different types of stock market jobs in this sector. Some of the leading ones are:

  • Stockbroker
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Researcher
  • MF Distributor/Advisor
  • Investment Advisor
  • Research Analyst
  • Online Stock Trader
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  • Insurance distributor/advisor
  • Equity Analyst (Fundamental/ Technical)

Educational eligibility

If you are searching for fruitful job opportunities in the stock markets, it’s extremely necessary to check the eligibility criteria before going ahead with an open position. While a majority of stock traders are usually self-driven, some important college degree gives you a winning edge and is almost a precondition nowadays if you look forward to pursuing a logical stock trading career. Preferably, one should begin by choosing the commerce or finance education stream after the 12th standard. This would help them gain a detailed understanding of various job roles prevailing in the stock trading landscape. Some popular streams are CFA, FRM, Bachelor in Finance, and NISM Certifications. Also, a thorough knowledge of the best trading app in India is also necessary.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFAs are considered the most powerful option in the financial industry. The CFA international certification program given by the CFA Institute, USA instructs you on the various aspects of financial analysis such as qualitative analysis, reportage, portfolio handling, ethics, and others. It is quite in line with a Chartered Accountant (CA) certification course, and the examination can be done from any certified institute across the country. This course would upgrade your skills you eligible for roles like Fund Manager and Research Analyst. All you need is a Bachelor’s degree in any stream to pursue this program.

Masters in Finance

This Master’s degree educates people on almost each & every element of the financial landscape and gives them a competitive edge over others.

The National Institute of Securities Market (NISM)

NISM provides a wide range of certificate programs in the securities market in an affordable manner. It is to note that SEBI has made it extremely necessary to possess NISM certificates before applying for any open position in the securities market.

Though in Indian society, career options like engineering, government jobs, medical are considered white-collar jobs, stock trading is one sector that lags behind considerably in this segment. However, in recent times, the rapid emergence of various reputed roles in the sector has changed this mindset considerably. Since more and more people have started investing in stock markets, there has been a huge demand for qualified manpower in this sector.

With so many career opportunities available today in the field of stock trading, it can be easily determined that it is one career field that is full of growth and opportunities. If you want to tap these opportunities, do your research and know more.

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

According to one of the best broker for trading, FRM is a globally recognized certification course provided by the GARP organization, USA. It gives aspirants a solid foundation of the risk management concepts of the stock market and exposes them to various risk management positions in the stock markets as well as financial institutions including insurance firms, banking institutions, and NBFCs. There is no need for a bachelor’s degree to take part in this exam, however, you need to work for a minimum of two years on a financial risk portfolio to obtain the certification.

The Bottom Line

The Stock market is a remarkable avenue and has come up with different types of career opportunities around it, at its various fronts. It actually depends on a person’s ability to understand the market sentiments and invest sagacious to get amazing returns. Irrespective of the choice you make, a solid knowledge of financial terms, economics, and market risk is of extreme importance. Choose a good finance course to upgrade your knowledge level.


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