The best clip-in hair extensions for the ultimate glow-up

Isn’t it true that nothing beats freshly styled hair? Getting your natural hair done will make you feel like a new person, but getting extensions is a whole other story.

Women have worn hair extensions for decades to achieve length, volume, and new hairstyles.

Check out the best clip-in hair extensions for yourself to get the ultimate natural look. Have a look at these hairstyles with 3 wonderful textures, i.e., straight, wavy, and curly, that will turn every head towards you everywhere you go!

​Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Clip-In Extensions

Body Wavy Clip-Ins

Virgin Brazilian Clip-Ins is made of 100% premium virgin hair and is designed to last! This hair extension is tangle-free, has perfectly aligned cuticles, and can be easily bleached, coloured, curled, and straightened.

This beautiful Body Wave Clip-In Extension contains nine pieces:

2 x 10-inch weft

2 x 4-inch wefts

 2 x 2-inch wefts

3 x 6-inch wefts

You can wear these nine pieces together or a few pieces at a time to achieve the desired look.

​Hairstyles With Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Clip-Ins

Hair extensions are really last long and versatile, and there are so many hairstyles that you can achieve with a set of virgin Brazilian Body Wave wig. Take a look at these gorgeous hairstyles listed below and give yourself the ultimate glow-up in no time!

​Center-Parted Long Body Wave Hairstyle

Centre-parted long wavy hairstyle with Body Wave Extensions

Clip-in extensions are a great way to achieve length, volume, or both instantly. Use a set of clip-in hair extensions and place them strategically to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle.

Accentuate the wavy patterns on the hair extension and your natural hair with a curling wand, and run your fingers through the hair to achieve an effortless centre-parted long wavy hairstyle.

​Playful Double Pigtail Hairstyle

Double pigtail hairstyle

Nothing beats freshly styled hair, and this playful double pigtails hairstyle is a beautiful way to experiment with a unique style.

Wear this stylish hairstyle and achieve thick waves with Body Wave hair extensions. Centre-part your hair and tie a pigtail on each side. Keep a few strands on both sides of your face to achieve a face-framing look. Pair this beautiful hairstyle with a low-cut top this summer and a pair of hoop earrings, and make jaws drop everywhere you go!

​Side-Parted Asymmetrical Ombre Lob

Side-parted asymmetrical ombre lob

This side-parted asymmetrical ombre lob is a fun way to experiment with colours and short hairstyles with clip-in hair extensions. Side-part your short hair and install a few clip-ins on one side to attain an asymmetrical appearance.

Get your hair extensions dyed for an exclusively unique hairstyle.

​Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-In Extensions

Straight Clip-In Hair Extension

The Virgin Brazilian Straight hair bundle or Clip-Ins are made entirely of real virgin hair and are extremely durable! This hair is tangle-free, with perfectly aligned cuticles, and it’s quick and easy to bleach, colour, curl, and straighten.

Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-In Extensions are great to achieve tons of volume and length to attain the different hairstyles of your dreams. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to install; they offer temporary styles.

​Hairstyles With Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-Ins

Wear Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-Ins to achieve beautiful sleek, straight, and even wavy hairstyles. Here are a few chic styles that you can attain with Straight Virgin Brazilian Clip-Ins.

​Deep Side-Parted Sleek Hairstyle

A sleek hairstyle for the ultimate glow-up

Deep side-part your hair and install Straight Brazilian Clip-In Hair Extensions. Toss one side behind the shoulder and let the other side fall over the shoulder.

​Long Black Wavy Hairstyle

Beautiful long black wavy hairstyle

Sport this long black wavy hairstyle this summer with hair extensions and become the centre of attention wherever you go this summer.

Use a curling iron to create soft waves to your hair and extensions and make them blend seamlessly.

​Long Subtle Waves With Bangs

Long hair with bangs

Made heads turn this summer by creating subtle waves to your long Straight Virgin Brazilian Clip-In Hair Extensions.

With this hairstyle, you achieve a natural look, and bangs are back in trend, so why not sport them? Centre part your bangs and flaunt this beautiful hairstyle.

​Voluminous Long Waves

A stunning hairstyle with Straight Clip-Ins

Use straight extensions to achieve this beautiful voluminous long wavy hairstyle. Pair this look with a summer dress and sneakers or heels, depending on the occasion.

​Straight Hairstyle With Bronde Highlights

Straight hairstyle with highlights for the ultimate glow-up

You can either colour the straight extensions or get highlights on your hair to achieve this look. Flaunt beautiful length with a curve-hugging dress this summer.

​Kinky Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

Kinky curly clip-ins

Best Kinky Curly Human Hair Extension is a great way to add length and volume to your naturally curly mane. There are various kinky curly extensions, but kinky curly clip-in hair extensions are the best because they blend seamlessly with natural hair.

​Hairstyles With Kinky Curly Clip-Ins

Check out these hairstyles that you can achieve with kinky curly clip-ins and recreate the following hairstyles.

​Side-Parted Defined Kinky Curls

A beautiful short and defined hairstyle

Parting makes all the difference to kinky curly hair, so side-part your hair install the hair extensions. Tuck one side behind the ear and sport a voluminous look in no time.

​Hair On Fleek With Kinky Curls

Lob-length hairstyle with kinky curly extensions

Choose lob-length kinky curly clip-in hair extensions to replicate this hairstyle. Tease your natural hair and place the extensions. Even if you have short hair, you will be able to achieve a layered look.

As mentioned earlier, nothing beats freshly styled hair, and clip-in hair extensions help achieve the ultimate glow-up.

Use this blog as a guide to getting the glow-up you have always wanted with three beautiful clip-in hair textures.


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