The elderly need maximum comfort to experience the spaces of the home, in particular, we must consider the use of some devices for relaxation such as armchairs for the elderly.

armchair for the elderly

These are specific armchairs for elderly people, whose features are designed to ensure the autonomy of movement, such as getting up and sitting down and offering various comforts through customizable options.

We are talking about an electric chair powered by motors that allow it to function through conveniently integrated buttons, with which it is possible to adjust and recline it.

On the market there are many models of armchairs for the elderly, you can take a look at the solutions offered by Motorized Armchairs but, first, find out what are the factors to consider to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Factors to consider before buying a chair for the elderly

Pay close attention when buying an armchair for the elderly, there are some characteristics and factors that must be well evaluated to avoid choosing an unusable and unsuitable product for the person’s needs.


Where will the chair be placed? Will it have to be moved to multiple rooms? These are two questions that must be asked when choosing. It is necessary to consider the width of the doors of the house which is usually 80 cm because by choosing a smaller model, it will be easy to move it from one room to another.

If it is planned to be placed permanently in one room, then slightly larger dimensions can also be considered.

Coating materials and comfort

An armchair for the elderly must be comfortable, to allow the person to relax completely and not assume incorrect positions.

The most comfortable are those with two motors that allow the backrest and footrest to be moved separately, in this way the elderly can choose the configuration that they consider most comfortable.

As for the upholstery materials, those in stain-resistant or water-repellent fabric are preferred.

In this case, any contact of the surface with liquid and grease does not cause damage, does not penetrate and slip away. The fabrics available are cotton, microfibre, real leather and imitation leather.

Electric chair motors

Electric armchairs with a motor are available, suitable for those with simple needs and who want a standard inclination.

Then there are those with two motors that manage the backrest and the footrest separately and allow the elderly to adjust the inclination as needed. This latest model of armchair offers full autonomy and comfort to the person, especially when tired or too lacking in energy.

Main functions of the chair for the elderly

There are many possibilities for movement and adaptation of the armchairs for the elderly, let’s see some of the main functions.

Lift function

With the lift function, the elderly can stand up and sit down independently, without the risk of falling or putting too much effort on the limbs.

Relax function

The relaxation function allows you to rest in comfortable positions by adjusting different levels of inclination of the backrest of the footrest, in order to relieve the back and neck.

Lift function

Through this function, the armchair, in a parallel position with respect to the floor, can be brought close to the table at any height to eat or do other activities.

Massage function

The massage chairs are equipped with a built-in massage system that can be adjusted according to different programs and different settings.

Other options

Armchairs for the elderly can be customized in many ways, even with the addition of options, we will mention a few.

For example, you can install a practical additional table, useful for eating, reading, writing and placing the TV remote controls.

Removable bracelets, in order to help the person with mobility difficulties to get out of bed and sit in an armchair and vice versa. Swivelling wheels with brakes, to move the chair easily and safely inside the room and outside.

Or, a heating system for the seat and back that transmits a beneficial and pleasant heat to be combined with the massage function.


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