So, you are on the hunt for a wedding photographer to capture the most awaited moment of your life. Before making any decision, you need to identify the photography style that suits you best as a couple. There are several photography styles; some resemble, while others can be very different. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the photography type to choose the right photographer. Doing this is essential to avoid the terrible surprises on your big day as well as at the time of receiving the wedding album.

Some wedding photographers in Bristol pursue digital wedding photography, and some follow analogue photography. Let us first know the key difference between them.

Digital Vs Analogue Wedding Photography

The procedure of capturing, editing and delivering images digitally or electronically is called digital photography, which is trending nowadays. It is not limited to the number of images in the case of analogue photography. Put simply, with a digital camera and memory chip, photographers can shoot a large number of pictures. Also, any errors can be easily seen with the digital camera by previewing the pics immediately. The processing time of digital images is less than the analogue one. Talking about analogue cameras (also known as film cameras). These are more artistic than digital cameras, but at the same time, they are very slow. In addition to this, post-editing is not possible with analogue photographs. So, now it’s your choice whether you want to choose digital photography services or go with analogue wedding photography.

Now let us dive into the lighting styles of wedding Photography.

Another thing to look after for choosing a wedding photographer is the lighting styles they follow. Generally, there are two types of lighting styles in photography; natural light and flash or artificial light. And most of the photographers follow both. Natural light photography is well suited in the daytime, while it becomes essential to use artificial light sources at night to come with excellent results. However, few photographers make use of flash during the daytime, known as flash photographers. On the other hand, some pro wedding photographers in Bristol prefer to avoid artificial lighting even at night. Let us discuss them in detail.

Artificial Light Photography

The photography style in which artificial light is used to boost the sunlight inside the room is known as flash photography. Professionals typically follow this style to have complete control over the exposure. Unfortunately, the photographer uses flashlights even in the daytime to produce artificial pics, which you don’t want in your wedding album. Therefore, it is crucial for you to ask the photographer in advance whether they use a flashlight in the daytime.

Natural Light Photography

If you want to preserve the natural beauty and real emotions in your pictures, it would be best to choose professionals who follow the natural photography style and use natural light to capture pics. This type of style is great for only outdoor or day photography. But when it comes to night shoots, natural photography does not work well. It is because the images appear blurry and dim due to the scarcity of light.

If your wedding ceremony goes from day to night, we recommend hiring professionals who practice both flash and natural light photography.

The image shooting style is the next thing one has to keep in mind while choosing the wedding cameraman. Some photographers are skilled in capturing candid shots, while others are experts in shooting editorial style photos. There are various types of shooting styles. To choose the right photographer, first, you have a clear idea of your wedding theme.

9 Wedding Photography Shooting Styles

  1. Artistic wedding photography
  2. Black and white wedding photography
  3. Editorial wedding photography
  4. Candid wedding photography
  5. Traditional wedding photography
  6. Natural wedding photography
  7. Vintage Wedding Photography
  8. Contemporary Wedding Photography
  9. Fashion Wedding Photography

In Final Words-:

Hope you like the above article and now have a clear understanding of different styles and types of wedding photography. Wedding is a once in a lifetime event and deserves to be captured in the best possible way. Therefore, choose the wedding photographer carefully after doing research; don’t make decisions in a hurry!


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