5 Useful Tools for an Event Manager

event manager

Whether you’re planning corporate parties, weddings, or celebrations, there are many factors.

More than 30% of couples getting married hire professional help because the small details are too time-consuming. If you enjoy event management and want to be successful in tackling projects, you need the right tools. 

Continue reading to discover the best tools for event managers that will help you pull off the most spectacular gatherings! 

1. Chatting Platforms

One of the most essential things that event managers need is reliable chatting platforms. 

Video chat platforms like Zoom and Skype are perfect for event managers. You’ll need as much info from your clients as possible when planning their event, and this is the quickest way to get it. You can also connect with your clients using Slack or Facebook chat features. 

It helps to look at online reviews when selecting your platform. Your target market should influence which platforms you use. 

2. Task Tracker

Event management tools like Monday.com can help you organize tasks and information for each project. 

These task platforms can help you prioritize items and check upcoming deadlines. Most people use them for assigning tasks to team members and delegating responsibilities. It’s easier to complete goals when you can view the big picture, without overlooking the small details. 

Once you complete tasks, you can check them off or flag them if they are incomplete. 

3. SIEM Services

Event planners may not deal with medical information, but details must be kept confidential. 

Using SIEM as a managed service can help you protect clients when they make payments and supply identifying details. These management services will notify you of any security threats so you can take quick action and resolve breaches. 

Intrusion prevention, antivirus, and firewall software are included in these services. You can simplify payments by getting all your security info needs in one place. 

4. Google Drive

Working with clients will expose you to a variety of planners.

Some of your clients will give you minimal direction and trust your plans while others already have things in mind. Google Drive and applications can help you and your clients share ideas and offer details. Since you can add clients to certain folders and projects, you don’t have to worry about organization issues. 

5. Trello

If you like using whiteboards, you’ll love Trello.

Trello helps transform ideas into realities with its user-friendly layout and view of projects. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a few projects to plan at the same time. You can organize your thoughts, work with others, and build task lists. 

Many people use Trello to get a quick view of the status of their projects, especially if they’re waiting on someone else.  

Become the Event Manager That Stands Out 

Event managers get pulled in many directions since there are various components to prepare for. 

From catering to entertainment, and invitations, each task is just as important as the other. With professional SIEM help and management platforms, you can organize tasks and monitor their status. The more you use these platforms, the more beneficial the tools will become. 

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