5 Common Errors with Designing Banners and How to Avoid Them


Advertising your event or business with banners is only becoming more popular. 

Banners are an easy way to get your name out there. But anyone can get a lousy banner that can hurt your brand. Mistakes with banner creation could leave you with a dud where you need to generate interest.

Thus, it would help if you carefully designed your banner. Here’s what you need to avoid errors with designing banners you want.

1. Use of Too Much Text

Designing banners can be an art, with precise measurements and proper use of colors making or breaking the overall impression. One common error is using too much text on banners. Too much text makes a banner look cluttered and prevents the message from becoming clear and concise.

To avoid this, use short, catchy slogans, and make use of color to draw attention. Utilizing a big title near the top is essential as it helps your call to action to stand out. 

2. Use of a Low-Quality Image

When designing banners, it is essential to use high-quality images to make a good impression. Low-quality images can look blurred, pixelated, or washed out compared to high-quality photos, which can make a banner look unprofessional. Additionally, they should always check the copyright of the banner image quality they want to use and make sure that they have permission to publish it.

Following these guidelines will help the designer create a stunning, high-quality banner.

3. Wrong Spelling and Grammar

One of the most common errors when designing banners is spelling and grammar due to a rushed design process, incorrect copy/paste format, or negligence on the designer’s part. To avoid these mistakes, it is essential to thoroughly check all components of the banner design, mainly text-based elements, before releasing it to the public.

Furthermore, designers should properly format any copied and pasted text to ensure that all text displays correctly.

4. Forget to Include Your Contact Information

One of the most banner creating common errors is forgetting to include your contact information. You can easily avoid it by creating a checklist of all the information you want in your banner. Another potential pitfall is having too much contact information, which can make the design more relaxed and clear.

Strive to keep the banner clean, neat, and simple, but ensure that it includes essentials like your website URL and contact email address. Additionally, the contact information should be visible, not hidden or tucked away in a corner.  

5. Lack of Calls to Action 

When incorporating calls to action in banner designs, it is easy to make mistakes, such as not emphasizing the call to action, providing too many calls to action, or not directing the user to a specific page. To avoid these mistakes, designers should ensure that the calls to action are clear and stand out from the other banner design ideas. Place the call to action so that it is visually prominent. 

Errors With Designing Banners

Designing an effective banner ad can take time and effort to achieve. However, it’s possible to create effective advertisements by avoiding errors in designing banners, such as design oversights, irrelevant information, and a lack of calls to action. Utilizing the advice given allows designers to create banners that look great and effectively reach the target audience.

Get started now on creating great banners.

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