4 Things You Didn’t Know Boat Repair Shops Can Do for Your Boat


Your boat is like your second home or your extra vacation property. It’s where you spend so much time relaxing and enjoying the sea. You should treat it as such, keeping everything in good condition.

If you have a problem with your boat, knowing where to go for repair is good. But that’s not all the boat repair shops can do for you.

There are things not printed on their list of services that’ll have you coming back for more. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of boat repair.

1. Preventative Maintenance Services For Your Boat

Boat repair shops offer a variety of services that can help you keep your boat in good condition. Not only do repair shops provide repairs for broken or damaged components, but they also offer preventative maintenance services to help you protect and preserve your vessel.

Preventative maintenance services can include hull cleaning, painting, polishing, zinc coatings, replacement, waxing, and more. These services can fix and protect your boat from high winds and waves, road-induced wear and tear, and salty sea water damages.

2. Refurbishing Interior and Exterior Boat 

Interior repairs and refurbishing can include repair or replacement of upholstery, mounting hardware, carpeting, countertop and cabinet work, lighting, fixtures, and flooring. Exterior services include fiberglass and gel coat repair, boat painting, and installation of hardware and equipment.

A marine technician can also assist you with services related to electronics and electrical systems, such as wiring, controls, and batteries. Other services may include boat maintenance and repair of navigational equipment, outboard and onboard motors, and power trim and tilt systems.

3. Customized Upgrades to Enhance Performance

Boat repair shops can also upgrade and customize your boat to enhance its performance. Common upgrades include adding a larger engine, changing out to a more powerful propeller, and adding extra water ballast combined with weight-displacing equipment.

These upgrades allow the boat to be much faster, even with the same size engine. Moreover, many repair shops are now able to make customizations ranging from installing a new stereo system to re-outfitting interiors to include installations such as new refrigerators, beds, and personal watercraft repair.

Finally, repair shops can also change your boat’s hull to reduce friction and drag, making your boat easier and more fun to steer. Your repair shop can do all these things, and probably much more, to ensure your boat is running and up to the highest standards.

4. Store Your Boat Safely

Boat repair shops are an excellent option for boat storage. They have all the necessary tools and equipment to safely store a boat.

They can keep your boat in excellent condition all year round. This helps prevent wear and tear from leaving your boat out on the water.

They can store your boat in a safe, secure area, either indoors or outdoors. This ensures that your boat is free from theft and damage, as it is generally easier to protect a boat when it is locked away and constantly monitored. 

Know What Boat Repair Shops Can Do for You

Boat repair shops offer a variety of services tailored to keep your boat in excellent condition. From improving the performance of your boat to providing maintenance and repairs, they can help you keep your boat running smoothly.

Don’t put off getting your boat serviced. Contact your local boat repair shop today to ensure your boat is ready for the upcoming sailing season!

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